Keithley 7065 Hall Effect Card

21570.1 MFG #: 7065
$0.00 / EA
  • Manufacturer: Keithley
  • Condition: New
  • Discontinued: Yes

  • Description

    The Model 7065 Hall Effect Card is intended for those who want to assemble their own economical Hall test systems. It also can form the foundation of a Hall Effect system. The sensitivity and capabilities of this card are unmatched by any other system or Hall Effect electronics package.

    The Model 7065 is a signal conditioning card designed to buffer test signals from the Hall sample to the measurement instrumentation and to switch current from a source to the Hall sample. When used with Keithley's Model 7001 scanner mainframe, the Model 7065 provides the switching capability to measure Hall voltages as low as 50nV and sample resistances in excess of 1012Ω.

    All the accessories needed to connect the sample holder, scanner, instruments, and controller are included, simplifying connections. The Model 7065 is connected directly to the sample, and all instruments are connected via the GPIB bus to the controller. Examples of resistivity and Hall voltage measurement programs are included in the Model 7065 Instruction Manual.

    Supplied accessories: 4801 Low Noise Input Cable, 7078-TRX-10 3-slot Triax Cable (10 ft.), 6172 2-slot Male to 3-Lug Female Triax Adapter, 7025-10 Triaxial Input Cable (10 ft.) (4 supplied), 4851 BNC Shorting Plug, SC-72-0 Single Conductor Insulated Wire, black (4 ft.), SC-72-9 Single Conductor Insulated Wire, white (4 ft.), BG-5 Single Banana Plug, black (2 supplied), BG-10-1 Single Banana Plug, white, BG-7 Double Banana Plug, black, SC-8 2-conductor Cable w/shield (10 ft.), 7007-2 Double Shielded Premium Cable (6 ft.).