Keithley 7158 Low Current Scanner Card

22740.1 MFG #: 7158
$1,990.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keithley
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    10-channel Sub-picoamp offset current Maintains current path for unselected channel BNC connectors Supplied with: Low Noise Male to Male BNC Input Cable

    The Model 7158 provides quality low-current switching at an affordable price. The offset current error generated is specified <1pA, with typical performance at <30fA. When used with a voltage source and electrometer or picoammeter, this card can easily automate insulation resistance tests, reverse leakage tests on semiconductor junctions, or gate leakage tests on FETs.

    The Model 7158 is designed to maintain the current path even when the channel is deselected. Input connectors are BNC for shielding of the sensitive measurements and for compatibility with low noise coaxial cables such as Keithley accessory cables Models 4801 and 4803. Two outputs are provided to allow for chaining several scanner cards to one measurement instrument, and an isolation relay in the output HI minimizes interaction between cards.