Keysight 11636C Power Divider

17286.1 MFG #: 11636C
$1,693.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Power Divider
  • Model: 11636C
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  • S3 Part Number: 17286.1

  • Description

    • Frequency range: DC to 50 GHz
    • Maximum SWR: 1.67 at 50 GHz
    • Insertion loss: 8.5 dB at 50 GHz
    • Maximum amplitude tracking: 0.3 dB
    • Maximum phase tracking: ±2°

    The Keysight 11636C power divider provides good matching and excellent tracking characteristics for highly accurate power division, signal routing and matrix testing from DC to 50 GHz. Offering excellent output power symmetry between the two outputs ports, the 11636C is recommended for applications such as power combining and transmission line fault testing using a network analyzer. The excellent source match of all three ports improves fault location measurements by reducing re-refl ections. These power dividers are not recommend for ratio or source leveling applications.

    The Keysight 11636C provides a symmetrical 6 dB power division. It can also be used as power combiner: when signal is input at the two output ports, the sum of the two signals appears at the input port.