Keysight 1168B 10 GHz InfiniiMax II Probe Amplifier

16732.6 MFG #: 1168B
$10,619.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • Bandwidth: 10 GHz
    • Dynamic Range: 3.3 V peak-to-peak
    • DC Offset Range: +/- 16V
    • Maximum Voltage: +/- 30V
    • Differential Input R: 50 kOhm
    • Differential Input C: 0.21 pF
    • Single Ended Input R: 25 kOhm
    • Single Ended Input C: 0.35 pF

    The InfiniiMax II Series 1168B 10 GHz probing system for Infiniium oscilloscopes provides full real-time bandwidth to 10 GHz. The award-winning InfiniiMax probing system supports even the most demanding mechanical access requirements without sacrificing performance.

    With only 3.4:1 of attenuation ratio, the 1168B provides the lowest probe noise floor among InfiniiMax probes, making it ideal for signal integrity measurements that require high sensitivity. The 1168B probe system supports a wide variety of real-world applications with an extensive line up of probe heads and accessories. Unrivaled InfiniiMax probe accessories support browsing, solder-in, socketed, ZIF tip, QuickTip (magnetic tip), soft touch head and SMA head solutions with various options to choose from.

    The 1168B is the RoHS compliant version of the 1168A. The 1168B is 100% form, fit, function equivalent to the 1168A.


    • E2669B Differential/Single-ended Connectivity Kit
    • E2668B Single-ended connectivity kit
    • E2675B Differential Browser Kit for InfiniiMax Probes
    • N2880B InfiniiMax in-line attenuator
    • N2881B DC blocking capacitors