Keysight 33503A BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro

19043.1 MFG #: 33503A
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Product Features

    Standard waveform library provides quick access to common signals (sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, exponential) Comprehensive library of built-in signals provides fast and easy access to complex signals Free-hand, point, and line-draw modes to create custom shapes Equation editor allows you to create waveforms with exact polynomials Advanced math functions provide additional flexibility for more complex signals Sequencing editor allows you to build and arrange composite waveforms to optimize your design Filtering and windowing functions allow you to smooth transitions between waveforms Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) allows you to view the frequency characteristics of your signals Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF) curves allows you to view the power characteristics of your signals

    Waveform Builder Pro Makes Custom Waveforms Quick and Easy

    Keysight 33503A BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Software is the first full-featured waveform creation software for pulse/function/arbitrary waveform generators. The software enables you to take full advantage of the signal generation capabilities of the Keysight 33200, 33500, 81100 Series waveform generators and makes custom waveform creation fast and simple!

    This Microsoft Windows®-based program provides easy-to-use creation tools such an equation editor, waveform math and drawing tools to create custom signals with a library of built-in waveforms to choose from. The software also provides a waveform sequencer, filters and windowing functions allowing you to easily modify and further define your waveform.

    With the BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro you get advanced signal creation and editing capabilities without spending hours programming.

    The software supports the following Keysight products:

    • 33500B Series waveform generators, 20 & 30 MHz
    • 33210A, 33220A, 33250A function/arbitrary waveform generators
    • 33521A, 33522A function/arbitrary waveform generators
    • 81150A, 81160A, 81180A pulse/function/arbitrary noise generators
    • M8190A arbitrary waveform generator
    • 2000, 3000 and 4000 X-Series InfiniiVision oscilloscopes