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Product Features

    • Up to 30 MHz sine and pulse
    • Jitter: <40 ps
    • THD: <0.04%
    • Amplitude ranges: 1 mVpp up to 10 Vpp
    • 250 MSa/s sampling rate
    • 16-bit amplitude resolution
    • 1 MSa/channel memory, 16 MSa optional
    • LXI-C, USB, GPIB interface
    • Video: Introducing Trueform technology
    • Video: Quick and Accurate Electronics Thermal Characterization
    • Video: Amazing Water trick with a Function Generator

    Trueform Technology: Revolutionary Signal Generation with Unmatched Capabilities and Fidelity
    Keysight's 33500B Series of Waveform Generators with exclusive Trueform Technology blends the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures, giving you the benefits of both without the limitations of either. Eight new upgradeable models are available at 20 and 30 MHz with 1- and 2-channels with a full set of standard features, and optional baseband I-Q signal player.

    Additional Benefits

    • Sine waves with 5x lower harmonic distortion
    • Trueform technology providing highest resolution and lowest distortion
    • Point-by-point arbitrary waveforms with sequencing
    • Eight new value-priced models, with ability to upgrade later
    • Waveform summing and combining capability
    • Higher bandwidth pulses with 10x less jitter
    • intuitive front panel, complimentary software and localized help and mobile device-accessible manuals

    33500B Series Waveform Generators

    Keysight 33500B Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
    Model Description ARB
    33509B 20 MHz, 1-channel  
    33510B 20 MHz, 2-channel  
    33511B 20 MHz, 1-channel
    33512B 20 MHz, 2-channel
    33519B 30 MHz, 1-channel  
    33520B 30 MHz, 2-channel  
    33521B 30 MHz, 1-channel
    33522B 30 MHz, 2-channel

    Choose the model with the capability you need now, knowing you can upgrade later.
    All models come with a rich set of built-in, standard features, including LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces, 1 MSample of memory, an external timebase input, and basic waveform generation software. You get everything you need to generate clean, precise, low-noise signals for testing your designs.

    Learn more about the advantages of Trueform waveform generation.
    Download Trueform Waveform Generation Technology - Technical Overview (PDF, 563K).

    A BenchVue software license (BV0002B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.

    KeysightOpt. MEM (335MEM1U)Additional Memory for 1-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator 16 MSa/s memory for long waveforms. For 33511B and 33521B. Also available for the 33509B and 33519B with the arbitrary waveform generator upgrade (335ARB1U).
    KeysightOpt. OCXUltra-high Stability Timebase OCXO Timebase. Must be requested at time of order. NOT field installable.
    Keysight336SECU (Opt. SEC)NISPOM Security Features enables NISPOM and file security. For 33600A Series. Customer upgradeable.
    Keysight34190A2U Rackmount Kit (Opt. 1CM) For single half-rack unit.
    Keysight34191A2U Dual Rack Mount Flange Kit Replaces 5063-9212
    Keysight34194ADual Lock Link Kit Replaces 5061-8769
    Keysight33503ABenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Full-featured waveform creation software for Keysight function/arbitrary waveform generators.
    KeysightBV0000ABenchVue Software Compatible with many DMMs, power supplies, function generators, signal analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Allows you to visualize multiple measurements simultaneously. Refer to the BenchVue Info Page for instrument-compatibility list and additional information.
    KeysightBV0002B/R-D5B-004-D/R-D6B-004-LBenchVue Function Generator Pro Software Advanced waveform creation capabilities by linking BenchVue to Keysight Waveform Builder Pro Software. Perpetual, transportable license. Includes 12-month software support subscription. (Formerly BV0002B/1TP)