Keysight 34401A Digital Multimeter

12351.1 MFG #: 34401A
$0.00 / EA

  • Description

Product Features


    • 6 1/2 digit resolution to 100 nV, 100 µΩ, 10 µHz
    • Accuracy 0.0035% for DC, 0.06% for AC (1-year)
    • True RMS AC Volts and Current
    • 2- or 4-Wire Ω, Frequency/Period, Continuity, Diode Test
    • 1000 readings/sec across the GPIB
    • GPIB (SCPI) and RS-232 included
    • 5-1/2 Digit resolution, dual display
    • 120,000 Counts resolution
    • Accuracy 0.025% for DC, 0.2% for AC
    • DC/True RMS AC volts & current
    • 2-Wire Ohms, Frequency, Continuity, Diode Test, Capacitance
    • Temperature measurements from thermistor
    • Math functions for null, dB, dBm, min/max, limit, hold
    • USB 2.0 Interface
    • SCPI compatible Keysight IO Library Suite and DMM Intuilink connectivity software included
    • 6-1/2 Digit Resolution
    • 50,000 readings/sec @ 4-1/2 digits direct to PC
    • 30 PPM 1 year Basic DC accuracy
    • LAN (LXI-C), USB & GPIB standard
    • DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2- and 4-wire Resistance, Frequency, Period, Continuity, and Diode Test
    • Capacitance & Temperature measurements
    • Data logger with 50 K reading
    • Non-volatile memory
    • 1 Million reading memory
    • Analog level triggering
    • Programmable Pre/Post triggering

    The 34401A DMM has been discontinued and is replaced by next-generation 34461A Truevolt Series DMMs. For a better value, see the next-generation Keysight 34461A. Industry's only 100% drop-in, SCPI compatible replacement for the Keysight 34401A DMM. MORE INFO...

    You will find a lot of the 34401A features more easily with the large display on the Truevolt multimeters. Previously, you had to go through multiple levels of a menu to use some of the 34401A features and may have not known about all of the built-in features. Learn more by watching this video.