Keysight 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor

12783.1 MFG #: 4142B
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  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: Used

This is a discontinued product

  • Description

    Flexible, modular architecture Wide measurement range with high resolution V: ±4 µV to ±1000 V, 0.05% l: ±20 fA to ±10 A, 0.2% Pulse measurement capabilities Pulse width 1 ms to 50 ms, 100 µs resolution High-speed measurement (typical) Sourcing or monitoring: 4 ms Vth, hFE extracting: 12 ms Internal memory Program memory: > 2000 commands (typical) Data memory: 4004 measurement pointsOffering a wide measurement range and excellent sensitivity, the HP 4142B modular dc source/monitor is a system-use dc measurement instrument especially designed for high-throughput dc semiconductor testers. A completely user-definable system component, the HP 4142B features modular architecture that allows you to build a custom configuration to suit your measurement needs. Eight plug-in module slots can accommodate any combination of modules. Choose from two types of source/monitor units (SMUs) to force or measure up to ±200 V and ±1 A: a high-current source/monitor unit (HCU) up to ±10 A, a high voltage source/monitor unit (HVU) up to ±1000 V, a voltage source/voltage monitor unit (VS/VMU), and an analog feedback unit (AFU).The HP 4142B's instrument command and measurement datastorage capabilities, coupled with the high-speed HP-IB interface, minimize computer loading, enhance throughput, and simplify systemization.