Keysight 432A Analog RF Power Meter

13195.1 MFG #: 432A
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  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: Used

This is a discontinued product

  • Description

    Power Range: 7 ranges with full-scale readings of 10, 30 100 and 300 uW 1, 3 and 10 mW; also calibrated in dBm from -20 dBm to +10 dBm full scale in 5 dB steps Noise: Less than 0.25% of full scale peak (typical) Response Time: At recorder output, 35 ms time constant (typical) Fine Zero: Automatic, operated by front-panel switch Zero Carryover: Less than 0.50% of full scale when zeroed on most sensitive range Meter: Taut-band suspension, individually calibrated, mirror-backed scales. Milliwatt scale more than 100 mm (4.25 in) long Calibration Factor Control: 13-position switch normalizes meter reading to account for thermistor sensor calibration factor. Range 100% to 88% in 1% steps Thermistor Sensor: Thermistor sensors are required for operation of the 432A.


    Replaced with N432A Thermistor Power Meter.

    The Keysight 432A provides high accuracy over a wide temperature range. By measuring the output voltage of the thermistor bridges and computing the corresponding power, even higher accuracy of ±0.2% ±0.5 uW can be obtained. Accuracy can be maintained on even the most sensitive range because the error due to thermoelectric effect is reduced to a negligible level.