Keysight 44470A 10-Channel Multiplexer Module

10397.1 MFG #: 44470A
$495.00 / EA
  • Condition: Used
  • Drill Down Description: 10-Channel Multiplexer Module
  • Model: 44470A
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  • S3 Part Number: 10397.1

  • Description

    • 2A, 250V
    • 2-wire, latching relays
    • Provisions to add simple attenuators or filter networks
    • Screw terminal included

    Keysight 44470A multiplexed module provides ten channels to switch both high and low input signals to a common bus. It can switch signals up to 250V, 2A, and 60W, or 125VA per channel. This module exhibits low thermal offset characteristics, making it ideal for precision low-level signal routing. It can be operated in either a break-before-make mode or multiple-channels-close mode. You can make four-wire ohm measurements by programming two Keysight 44470As to open/close in a card-pair mode. A screw terminal block is provided for ease of wiring.