• Description

    53131A Universal Counters

    • Measures frequency, frequency ratio, time interval, period, rise/fall time, pulse width, duty cycle, phase (CH1 to CH2), totalize, peak voltage, time interval average, time interval delay
    • 53131A: 10-digit/second and 500 ps resolution

    53181A RF Counter

    • Measures frequency, frequency ratio (with opt. 015), period, peak voltage
    • 10-digit/second resolution

    Keysight 53131A frequency counters were originally introduced in 1993. The recommended replacement is Keysight 53200 Series.

    See the NEW 53200 Series RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

    Keysight 53210A, 53220A, 53230A, 53200A RF/Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

    Keysight RF and Universal Frequency Counter Comparison Guide (pdf, 262K)
    A comparison of the 53131A, 53132A, 53181A frequency counters and their replacement, the 53200 Series RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers.

    Keysight RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers Programming Comparison Guide (pdf, 262K)
    The Keysight 53200 Series emulation mode enables the Keysight 53131A. 53181A SCPI command set to be used with a 53200 Series Counter. This programming comparison guide will list those areas where 531xxA Series users might find differences in operation when using a 53200 Series counter. These differences are few, but documented in order to make it easier to verify programs.

    See the NEW 53200 Series RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers HERE