• Description

    Utilize up to four fully-isolated power supplies in a 3U package Choose standard or dual-range, high precision models Perform rapid voltage changes via fast output programming with active downprogramming Automate testing via GPIB interface (drivers available) Enhance signal integrity in test systems via low-noise outputs Simplify cabling with built-in measurements Streamline tasks with front panel control and advanced programmable features Ensure DUT safety with protection features

    Two or four isolated outputs are integrated into one package, conserving rack space and GPIB addresses. Dual ranges allow for more current at lower voltage levels. The outputs can be connected in parallel or series to further increase the flexibility that these products offer the system designer. Programming is done using industry standard SCPI commands and test system integration can be further simplified be using the VXIPlug&Play drivers. These power supplies help reduce test time with fast up and down programming, which is enhanced by the active down-programmer which can sink the full rated current.

    These power supplies are very useful on the R&D bench. The accuracy of both the programming and the measurement systems allow precise control and monitoring of prototype bias power. The extensive protection features protect valuable prototypes, including very fast CV/CC crossover. The power supply can be controlled from either the front panel keypad or, for automated testing, from the GPIB.

    Model Precision
    25 W Outputs
    50 W Outputs
    6625A 1 1
    6626A 2 2
    6628A - 2
    6629A - 4