Keysight 83752B Synthesized Microwave Sweeper

12761.7 MFG #: 83752B
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Family Models: 83751A/B, 83752A/B
  • TestEquity Part #: 12761.7
  • Manufacturer Part #: 83752B
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  • Description

    83751A/B: 2 to 20 GHz 83752A/B: 0.01 to 20 GHz A units to +10 dBm leveled output B units to +17 dBm leveled output CW Resolution 1 Hz Sweep Resolution 1 kHz Sweep time 10 ms to 100 s, 50 ms full span Internal Pulse Modulation 8350B HP-IB command emulationDesigned for swept test or scalar applications and has superior accuracy and stability while maintaining the speed of an analog source. Fully synthesized CW, stepped and ramp sweep modes are available in broadband and narrowband operation. HP-IB.