Keysight 8645A Agile Signal Generator

12446.1 MFG #: 8645A
$9,995.00 / EA

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Product Features

    High performance in-channel and adjacent channel measurements, both in static and agile operation Simultaneous FM, AM, and pulse modulation Maintains signal performance while switching frequencies as fast as 15 microseconds from 128 to 1030/2060 MHz Flexible control of frequency switching using GPIB from the front panel or TTL connectors from the rear panelCombines high performance with frequency agility for new fast-switching test requirements. Can be used to create complex signal simulations involving several modulation types and frequency agility. Can also be used as a fast-switching stimulus to decrease production test times. The 8645A offers independent or simultaneous FM and AM for both static and hopped frequency tests. Switching times are <20 microseconds from 128 MHz to 1030 MHz and <500 microseconds from 251 kHz to 1030 MHz and <90 microseconds from 8 MHz to 1030 MHz. Output Level is 0 to 20 dB.