Keysight AC6803A Basic AC Source

21232.1 MFG #: AC6803A
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Product Features

    • Four single-phase models to meet basic AC source requirements:
      • AC6801A: AC power 500 VA, DC power 400 W
      • AC6802A: AC power 1,000 VA, DC power 800 W
      • AC6803A: AC power 2,000 VA, DC power 1,600 W
      • AC6804A: AC power 4,000 VA, DC power 3,200 W
    • Up to 270 Vrms output voltage
    • Measurements: voltage, current, power, AC+DC
    • Flexible IO: LAN/LXI Core and USB (std.), and GPIB (opt. plug-in card)
    • Intuitive N6700 style UI for ease of use and familiarity
    • Three-year warranty
    • AC6800 Video: Overview
    • AC6800 Video: Front Panel Control, Measuring Power, Inrush Current
    • AC6800 Video: Measuring and Reducing Inrush Current
    • AC6800 Video: Analog Control of Voltage and Waveshape

    Four single-phase models up to 4000 VA to meet basic AC source requirements
    The AC6800 Series of basic AC sources offer stable, reliable power with models available up to 4000 VA. Like its counterpart, the 6800B Series, the AC6800 AC sources may also be used to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform. These models are backed with global support and the longest standard warranty in the industry.

    AC6800 Series Basic AC Sources

    Specifications AC6801A AC6802A AC6803A AC6804A
    Phases Single-phase
    Maximum output power 500 VA 1000 VA 2000 VA 4000 VA
    AC output mode
    Voltage range (low/high range) 135 Vrms/270 Vrms
    Maximum rms current (low/high range) 5 A/2.5 A 10 A/5 A 20 A/10 A 40 A/20 A
    Frequency 40 to 500 Hz
    DC output mode
    Voltage ranges (low/high range) 190 V/380 V
    Maximum current (low/high range) 4 A/2 A 8 A/4 A 16 A/8 A 32 A/16 A
    Power capacity 400 W 800 W 1600 W 3200 W
    Measurement & I/O
    Measurements Voltage, Current, Power, AC, DC and AC+DC
    Transients Basic transient capability via optional analog card (Option: AC68ALGU)
    I/O LAN/LXI Core with Remote interface
    GPIB (Option: AC68GPBU)
    Rackmount 3 units 6 units

    The AC6800 Series AC Sources serve several applications in manufacturing and testing:

    • AC powered electronic products
    • AC-DC power supplies
    • Military/commercial avionics electronics
    • UPS, line conditioners
    • Different AC line voltages/disturbances, and testing to specific AC line standards
    Keysight AC6800 Series Accessories AC68GPBU GPIB Interface Board, AC68ALGU Analog Interface Board

    AC68ALGU optional analog option
    You can introduce basic transients using any AC6800 Series Basic AC Source with this Analog Card option. So equipped, AC6800 Series Sources can: generate non-sinusoidal output waveforms or output transient events, create analog waveforms using a waveform generator, and control the output voltage level with an external DC control signal. Note: You may use only the analog interface board OR the GPIB option, not both as these plug-in modules utilize the same slot. Please see video for additional information.

    AC6801A is supplied with a 120V power cord. Power cord is NOT included with the AC6802A, AC6803A, AC6804A and must be supplied by the customer.