Keysight DP0001A High Voltage Differential Probe

29474.1 MFG #: DP0001A
$5,800.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: New
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  • Description

    • 400 MHz bandwidth
    • 2,000 Vrms mains isolated, 6,000 V transient overvoltage
    • Attenuation ratios: 50:1, 100:1, 250:1 or 500:1, auto-switchable on Infiniium scope
    • Differential input impedance: 10 MΩ || 2pF
    • High CMRR: >90 dB from DC to >10 MHz, >70 dB up to 400 MHz @500:1 mode
    • UL safety certified
    • Comes with a wide variety of high quality accessories
    • AutoProbe interface, 50 Ω input

    The DP0001A is a 400 MHz high voltage differential probe with 2 kV mains isolated or 1 kV CAT III rating designed for making accurate high-voltage power measurements required for testing today’s WBG power devices, power converters or motor drives. Thanks to high bandwidth and low loading characteristics, the probe can accurately measure 1kV transient pulse with as fast as 1.2 nsec of edge speed (10-90%) in modern switching power supplies. Also, >90dB CMRR simplifies the measurement challenges found in noisy, high common-mode power electronics environments.

    When used with an Infiniium oscilloscope, the probe supports an auto-switchable attenuation ratio that automatically sets the probe attenuation to the value necessary to make the dynamic range of the probe greater than or equal to the level required to measure the current input signal. A variety of accessories are shipped with this probe to suit various DUT connection scenarios and to make the connection to compact target devices possible.

    The differential probes have a differential input resistance of 10 MΩ and low input capacitance of 2 pF to minimize circuit loading. The DP0001A is compatible with Keysight oscilloscopes with a 50-Ω AutoProbe interface, which configures the scope for the probe automatically.

    When probing differential signals inside of environmental chambers at extreme temperatures, Keysight offers the N7013A extreme temperature extension kit. The N7013A is compatible with the DP0001A with a de-rated bandwidth of 70 MHz. The 70 cm long differential cable set and accessories can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degC to +85 degC.

    The probe is compatible with InfiniiVision 3000TX, 4000X, 6000X and Infiniium S, 9000A, 90000X, V, Z, UXR <=33GHz (with N5442A adapter).