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    Temperature range: -80 degrees C to 150 degrees C (-112 degrees F to 302 degrees F) Maximum temperature: 150 degrees C (302 degrees F) Accuracy: Typically less than 1 degree C (2 degrees F). This varies with instrument and temperature range. Time constant: 3 seconds (typical) from air to still water Dissipation constant: 5.7 mW/degree C in still water Stainless steel probe dimensions: 1.5 inches long x 0.125 inches in diameter Length: 36 inch leads Termination: 3/4 inch dual banana plugsThe Keysight E2308A is compatible with the Keysight 3458A, 34405A, 34410A and 34411A multimeter. It can also be used with the 34420A, but doing so requires the probe to be rewired onto the Keysight 34104A Low Thermal Input Connector. The E2308A can also be used with the 34401A, however, it requires an external program to convert the resistance measurements to temperature.