Keysight E3630A Multiple Output Power Supply

12379.1 MFG #: E3630A
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  • Description

Product Features

    • E3630A: 0 to ±20 V, 0.5 A and 0 to 6V, 2.5 A outputs
    • 0.01% +2 mV load and line regulation
    • Ripple & noise <350 µVrms/1.5 mV p-p
    • Voltage and Current meters
    • Constant voltage, fixed current limiting
    • <50 µsec transient response for 10 mV recovery from full load to half load

    With multiple supplies in a compact unit, the E3620A and E3630A give you excellent performance while saving space on your bench. Both instruments feature tight 0.01 percent line and load regulation and a low normal-mode noise specification of less than 0.35 mV to ensure clean power for precision circuitry. With a common-mode current specification of less than 1 µA, both multiple-output power supplies minimize power line current injection.

    The E3620A and E3630A feature separate digital panel meters so you can monitor voltage and current simultaneously. They also protect your DUT against overload and short-circuit damage. Smooth turn-on and turn-off transitions keep power spikes out of your circuits.

    The E3620A has two isolated, independent, CV/CL 0-25 V, 1 A outputs. It is easy to make precise adjustments using the 10-turn pots.

    The E3630A has three outputs with common-returns, 0 to +6 V at 2.5 A maximum and 0 to ±20 V/0.5 A. The -20 V output can be set to any value less than the +20 V output using the Tracking Ratio control. The ±20 V control is used to vary both outputs simultaneously for auto tracking. The +6 V output is adjusted independently. It is rated 2.5 A @ 6 V and derates to 1 A @ 0 V.

    Includes user's and service manual, calibration certs and power cord.

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