Keysight L4421A #N/A

16480.9 MFG #: L4421A
$0.00 / EA

  • Description

Product Features

    • LXI Class C compliance includes built-in Ethernet connectivity
    • Fully-featured graphical web interface
    • 40 2-wire latching armature relays
    • Thermocouple reference junction for temperature measurement with external multimeter.
    • Relay counter
    • Scan up to 100 ch/sec
    • 300V, 1A switch; 2A carry current
    • Software drivers for most common programming environments

    Keysight L4421A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer

    The L4421A is a versatile and high-performance 40-channel armature multiplexer for general purpose scanning. The low thermal offset characteristics and built-in thermocouple reference on the terminal block, make it ideal for temperature measurements when used with an external multimeter.

    The Keysight L4400 Series LXI instruments are high-performance LXI Class C compliant instruments that encompass all benefits of LXI with an Ethernet connection, instrument Web server, standard software drivers and more. With their small size and Ethernet connectivity, these instruments are easily placed anywhere on the network.

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