Keysight L4445A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver

16291.5 MFG #: L4445A
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Product Features

    LXI Class C Compliant Small, 1U, half-rack size Built-in Ethernet connectivity Fully-featured graphical Web interface Standard Dsub connectors for flexible connection options Software drivers for most common programming environments

    The Keysight L4400 Series LXI instruments are high-performance LXI Class C compliant instruments that encompass all benefits of LXI with an Ethernet connection, instrument Web server, standard software drivers and more. With their small size and Ethernet connectivity, these instruments are easily placed anywhere on the network.

    Ethernet connectivity enables simple connection to the network and remote access to your measurements
    You can set up a private network to filter out unwanted LAN traffic and speed up the I/O throughput, or take advantage of the remote capabilities and distribute your tests worldwide.

    System connections you can trust
    The L4400 series instruments come with standard Dsub connectors for simple, reliable connection options that include quick disconnect terminal blocks, cables and connector kits.

    Software drivers and connection tools to work in your environment
    The Keysight I/O Libraries Suite make it easy for you to configure and integrate instruments into your system — even if your system includes instruments from other vendors. Additionally, these instruments include IVI and LabVIEW software drivers making it easy to program in the most popular programming environments including Keysight VEE and T&M Toolkit, National Instruments LabVIEW and LabWindows, and Microsoft programming languages.

    L4421A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer - Data Sheet
    40 channels of armature multiplexer switching up to 300V, 1A. A built-in thermocouple reference junction is available for easy temperature measurements with an external digital multimeter.

    L4433A Dual/Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix - Data Sheet
    High-speed matrix with 64 2-wire or 128 1-wire cross-points with high speed reed relays.

    L4437A 32-channel Form A/Form C General Purpose Switch - Data Sheet
    General purpose switch with 28, 1A Form C relays and 4, high power relays for switching up to 5A.

    L4445A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver - Data Sheet
    Microwave switch/attenuator driver provides control signals to external switches and attenuators.

    L4450A 64-bit Digital I/O with Memory and Counter - Data Sheet
    High-speed 64-bit digital I/O with bidirectional lines and 128K of memory for pattern simulation and capture up to 10MHz.

    L4451A 4-Channel D/A Converter with Waveform Memory - Data Sheet
    D/A Converter with four analog channels that can output up to +/-16V DC or +/-20mA DC with 1Mbyte of memory for creating waveforms.

    L4452A Multifunction with 32-bit DIO, 2-ch D/A and Totalizer - Data Sheet
    Multifunction instrument Combines 32-bits of digital I/O, a 100kHz gated totalizer, and two +/- 12V analog outputs.

    Keysight’s family of LXI instruments offer versatility
    In addition to the L4400 Series LXI instruments, Keysight offers the 34980A Switch/Measure Unit for high-density systems. So whether you need a full-blown switching system with high-density switching, measurement and system control, or just a few channels of switching, Agilent’s family of LXI switch/ measure instruments have great versatility so you can choose what you need and easily add to it when your requirements change.