Keysight MSO7034B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

17700.4 MFG #: MSO7034B
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Product Features

    • 100 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz models
    • Up to 4 GSa/s sample rate
    • 2+16 & 4+16 Channel mixed signal (MSO) models
    • 2 or 4 Channel DSO models
    • Flexibility to upgrade a DSO to an MSO at any time
    • Standard 8 Mpts MegaZoom III memory
    • NEW Serial Search and Navigate Capability
    • NEW Dedicated menu buttons streamline daily tasks
    • NEW Knobs are pushable for quick access to common features & modes
    • High-definition XGA (1024 x 768) color display with 256 intensity levels
    • Update rate to 100,000 waveforms/sec, uncompromised update rate
    • Standard USB, LAN (LXI Class C)
    • Powerful triggering including pulse, pattern, TV, CAN/LIN, I2C/SPI, I2S, RS-232/UART, MIL-STD-1553, Flexray, and USB
    • Front panel USB for memory stick storage
    Agilent BenchVue Software
    • XGA video output
    • Built-in help system
    • Three-year warranty

    Get a better view of analog, digital, and serial signals with the new Keysight 7000B Series Oscilloscope.

    It's hard to focus on a problem when you can't see it. With the new Keysight InfiniiVision 7000B Series oscilloscope you'll get expanded capabilities and the largest scope screen in the industry for real-time signal analysis. Count on Keysight to provide innovations that meet your ever-changing technical demands.

    The new front panel design in the 7000B Series accommodates quick access to features an modes with more dedicated front panel buttons and pushable knobs. The new Serial Search and Navigate feature and associated front panel controls offers faster insight into particular serial packets of interest.

    InfiniiVision 7000B features the industry's largest 12" XGA display, with high resolution about and small footprint to minimize space on the bench. InfiniiVision Series 7000B models provide the industry's fastest update rate - up to 100,000 waveforms per second - eliminating two common errors that can cause engineers to miss critical information: unresponsive controls with deep memory turned on, and traditional architectures that are blind to changes in signals being tested. For designs with both digital and analog signal measurements, the update rate is 5,000 times faster than any other available scope. This allows the user to view critical signal detail that competitive scopes miss with their longer dead times.

    Keysight BenchVue SoftwareKeysight BenchVue Software for the PC
    This free software option from Keysight offers engineers and technicians involved in design and validation an easy and intuitive way to accelerate testing with no programming necessary. Multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture improves the way users interact with their instruments and the entire bench. BenchVue provides easy viewing, capturing and exporting of data and screen shots. Visit the BenchVue Product Page for more information including instrument compatibility.

    KeysightB4610A/010Offline Viewing Software, Perpetual node-locked license Provides a perpetual node-locked license that is locked to a specific PC. The user can create an unlimited number of data import modules on the Overview tab. Each data import module can import a different .alb file. Includes entitlement certificate and CD with application software.
    KeysightN2732ARack Mount Kit Discontinued.
    KeysightN2733BSoft Carrying Case Includes padded sides and bottom, and storage pouch for probes and additional accessories. (Replaces N2733A)
    KeysightN5406A/001FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx Oscilloscope Locked License
    KeysightN5406A/002FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx PC Locked License
    KeysightN5423A (Opt. LSS)I2C and SPI Triggering & Decode For InfiniiVision 4-channel oscilloscopes only.
    KeysightN5424A (Opt. AMS)CAN/LIN Automotive Triggering and Decode For InfiniiVision 4-channel oscilloscopes only.
    KeysightN5432C (Opt. FLX)FlexRay Measurements For 4-channel InfiniiVision models; 100 MHz - 1 GHz
    Discontinued. Replaced with the DSOX4FLEX FlexRay Triggering.
    KeysightN5434A/001FPGA Dynamic Probe, Altera Oscilloscope Locked License
    KeysightN5434A/002FPGA Dynamic Probe, Altera PC Locked License
    KeysightN5454A (Opt. SGM)Segmented Memory Discontinued. Availability limited to stock on hand.
    KeysightN5457A (Opt. 232)RS-232/UART Triggering and Decode For InfiniiVision 4-channel oscilloscopes only.
    KeysightN5468A (Opt. SND)I2S Triggering and Decode Option For InfiniiVision 4-channel oscilloscopes only.
    KeysightN5469A (Opt. 553)MIL-STD 1553 Triggering and Decode Discontinued.
    KeysightOpt. SECSecure Environment Mode Provides compliance with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) Chapter 8 requirements (Factory-installed option only for new purchase. Cannot be retrofitted.)
    KeysightU1881A/001Power measurement application for 6000/7000 Series Oscilloscope-locked license
    KeysightN5455A (Opt. LMT)Mask/Waveform Limit Test Discontinued.
    KeysightU1881A/002Power measurement application for 6000/7000 Series PC-locked license
    KeysightBV0000ABenchVue Software Compatible with many DMMs, power supplies, function generators, signal analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Allows you to visualize multiple measurements simultaneously. Refer to the BenchVue Info Page for instrument-compatibility list and additional information.