Keysight N2263A Multifunction Module (12 + 3 GP + 16-bit Digital I/O)

14938.8 MFG #: N2263A
$995.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: Used

  • Description

  • 12 +3 GP +16-bit Digital I/O in one module
  • High speed switching in parallel operation
  • Built-in relay cycle counters
  • 12 GP channels switch up to 200 V, 1 A ,60 W or 62.5 VA
  • 3 high current channels switch up to 5A, 125VDC or 200V AC RMS
  • 16 bi-directional, digital IO lines are TTL compatible with 3 lines for handshaking
  • Keysight N2264A multifunction module combines 12 general purpose relays, three high current relays, and a 16-bit digital input/output in one module. The N2264A is designed for applications that require multiple functions in one module for space saving and system cost saving. A screw terminal block, crimp and insert terminal block, and DIN96-to-D25/D50 cables are available for ease of wiring.

    The 16 I/O bits can be addressed individually (bit-by-bit), or as two independent 8-bit ports, or as one 16-bit port. A Zener diode is used in each channel for input voltage over protection (>42V DC), and ESD protection. Each I/O line can sink up to 0.6 A to control external devices.