Keysight N2862A Passive Probe

15826.1 MFG #: N2862A
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    N2862A: Bandwidth DC to 150 MHz, Risetime 2.33 ns N2863A: Bandwidth DC to 300 MHz, Risetime 1.16 ns Attenuation ratio 10:1 Input resistance 10 Megohms (when terminated into 1 Megohm) Input capacitance approx. 12 pF Maximum input 300 V RMS Compensation range 5-30 pF Cable length 1.2 m Safety Conformance to IEC-1010

    DISCONTINUED. Replaced by B Versions.

    The N2862B is a replacement for the N2862A.
    The N2863B is a replacement for the N2863A.
    The old and new replacements are 100% form, fit, function and price equivalents.