Keysight N5439A InfiniiMax III Probe Head

20652.1 MFG #: N5439A
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  • Description

Product Features


    • 28 GHz (typical)
    • Tr = 20.9 psec (10%-90%, probe only with N2803A)

    Input Impedance:

    • C diff = 32 fF, C se = 48 fF
    • R diff = 100 kΩ, R se = 50 kΩ

    Input Voltage Range:

    • 1.6 Vpp. ±0.8 V(HD2&3, <-38dB), 2.5 Vpp, ±1.25 V (HD2&3 <-34dB) (with N5440A 450 Ω ZIF tip)*
    • 0.8 Vpp. ±0.4 V(HD2&3, <-38dB), 1.6 Vpp, ±0.8 V (HD2&3 <-34dB) (with N5447A 200 Ω ZIF tip)*

    * HD (Harmonic distortion) <-38 dB is standard; < -34dB wider input range with slightly increased distortion.

    Keysight N5439A InfiniiMax III Probe Head
    N5439A ZIF probe head provides 28 GHz bandwidth in an economical replaceable tip form factor.

    Economical Replaceable Tip
    Because of their extremely low loading, the ZIF tips can be left on the DUT as the probe head is moved from one probing site to the next. Order N5440A (450 ω) or N5447A (200 Ω) for a set of 5 ZIF tips with plastic sporks to aid in soldering the tips to your DUT. The N5439A does not include any ZIF probe tips. Variable spacing from 5 mil – 80 mil (or 0.127 mm – 2 mm). For hands-free operation, use the N2787A 3D probe positioner. Compatible with all InfiniiMax III probe amplifiers.