Keysight N5740A Rack Mount Slide Kit

15602.1 MFG #: N5740A
$0.00 / EA
  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: New
  • Option Parent Model: N5744A/903, N5741A/903, N5742A/903, N5743A/903, N5746A/903, N5745A/903, N5747A/903, N5748A/903, N5749A/903, N5750A/903, N5751A/903, N5752A/903, N5761A/861, N5762A/861, N5763A/861, N5764A/861, N5765A/861, N5766A/861, N5767A/861, N5768A/861, N5769A/861, N57

  • Description

    Integrates an N5700 or N8700 series system DC power supply into a test rack by providing all the necessary hardware to rack mount an N5700 series power supply in only 1 U of rack space or to rack mount an N8700 series power supply in 2 U of rack space. This rack-mount kit is compatible with the following models: N5741A-N5752A, N5761A-N5772A, N8731A-N8742A, and N8754A-N8762A.