Keysight N6700C Power System Mainframe

26210.5 MFG #: N6700C
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  • Brand: Keysight
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  • Description

    • N6700C Power System Mainframe holds 1 to 4 modules, 400 W total
    • Choose from more than 30 different dc power modules
    • Programmable voltage and current
    • Fast command processing time
    • Outputs can be connected in parallel or series
    • Programmable overvoltage & overcurrent protection
    • 10 store-recall states, output sequencing
    • Oscilloscope-like digitizer & ARB output (Power Module dependent)
    • Streamline tasks with front panel control and advanced programmable including automated sequencing of up to 512 output settings
    • Synchronize to other events in your ATE system with advanced hardware and software triggering
    • GPIB (SCPI), USB 2.0, LAN
    • LXI Class C Compliant
    • Universal AC input, power factor correction
    • Small size - Only 1.75 inches (1U) of rack space

    Keysight N6700C is a 400 W 1U high, 4-slot modular power system mainframe that accepts from 1 to 4 N6700 series DC power modules in any combination. Modules are ordered separately. The N6700C offers GPIB, LAN, and USB, interfaces standard, and LXI compliance. Select from more than 30 different DC power modules, ranging in capability from basic to high precision.

    Power Management Feature Allows You Allocate Mainframe Power
    Often, a DUT requires a single high power DC source and several very low power DC sources. For example, if your DUT requires 280 W on its main input, and 10 W each on three auxiliary inputs, you can configure a system consisting of one 300 W DC module and three 100 W DC modules. Even though the sum of the module power is 600 W, you can still use the N6700C 400 W mainframe. Thanks to the power management feature, you can allocate the full 300 W to the 300 W module while you allocate only 33 W to each of the 100 W modules.

    The N6700 MPS comes standard with GPIB, USB 2.0, and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN interfaces. While GPIB is best suited for use with existing systems, Keysight offers USB and LAN to allow you to take advantage of the availability, speed, and ease-of-use of common computer industry standard interfaces. The N6700 is fully compliant with the LXI Class C specification. The N6700 can be controlled via a standard web browser. The N6700 contains a web server that provides web pages for monitor, control, and setup of the MPS.

    Front Panel
    In addition to full control over its three standard interfaces, the N6700 has a full featured front panel to permit easy manual operation for test prototyping, debugging, and troubleshooting when used in an ATE system. You can have confidence that the N6700 is working properly because you can view the settings and actual output values on all four outputs at the same time.

    High-Speed Test Extensions
    To make your testing go even faster, the N6700 DC power modules offer HighSpeed Test Extensions (HSTE). This enhancement to the DC power modules extends the capabilities to include features similar to a built-in arbitrary waveform generator and a built-in oscilloscope. HSTE is optional on the N6730/40/50/70 DC power modules (option 054). HSTE is standard on the N6760 precision DC power modules, the N6780 SMU modules, the N6783 application-specific modules, and the N6790 Electronic Load series modules.

    Replaces N6700B.

    Power Modules for the N6700 Modular Power System

    Basic DC Power Module - The Keysight N6730, N6740 and N6770 families of DC power modules provide programmable voltage and current, measurement and protection features at a very economical price, making these modules suitable to power the DUT or to provide power for ATE system resources such as fixture control.

    Basic DC Power Modules
    Model Max
    Voltage Current Description
    N6731B 50W 5V 10A Basic DC module
    N6732B 50W 8V 6.25A Basic DC module
    N6733B 50W 20V 2.5A Basic DC module
    N6734B 50W 35V 1.5A Basic DC module
    N6735B 50W 60V 0.8A Basic DC module
    N6736B 50W 100V 0.5A Basic DC module
    N6741B 100W 5V 20A Basic DC module
    N6742B 100W 8V 12.5A Basic DC module
    N6743B 100W 20V 5A Basic DC module
    N6744B 100W 35V 3A Basic DC module
    N6745B 100W 60V 1.6A Basic DC module
    N6746B 100W 100V 1A Basic DC module
    N6773A 300W 20V 15A Basic DC module
    N6774A 300W 35V 8.5A Basic DC module
    N6775A 300W 60V 5A Basic DC module
    N6776A 300W 100V 3A Basic DC module
    N6777A 300W 150V 2A Basic DC module

    High-Performance, Autoranging DC Power Modules - The Keysight N6750 family of high-performance, autoranging DC power modules provides low noise, high accuracy and programming speeds that are up to 10 to 50 times faster than other programmable power supplies. In addition, Keysight has for the first time included high-speed test extension in general purpose power supplies. The high-speed test extension offers an oscilloscope-like digitizer that simplifies system configuration and increases measurement accuracy when viewing high-speed transient or pulse events within the device-under-test (DUT). In addition, autoranging output capabilities enable one power supply to do the job of several traditional power supplies.

    Precision DC Power Modules - The Keysight N6760 family of precision DC power modules provides precise control and measurements in the milliampere and microampere region with the ability to simultaneously digitize voltage and current, and capture those measurements in an oscilloscope-like data buffer.

    High-Performance and Precision DC Power Modules
    Model Max Power Voltage Current Description
    N6751A 50W 50V 5A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6752A 100W 50V 10A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6753A 300W 20V 50A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6754A 300W 60V 20A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6755A 500W 20V 50A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6756A 500W 60V 17A High-performance, autoranging output module
    N6761A 50W 50V 1.5A Precision output and measurement module
    N6762A 100W 50V 3A Precision output and measurement module
    N6763A 300W 20V 50A Precision output and measurement module
    N6764A 300W 60V 20A Precision output and measurement module
    N6765A 500W 20V 50A Precision output and measurement module
    N6766A 500W 60V 17A Precision output and measurement module

    Source/Measure Units (SMUs) & Application-Specific Modules - The Keysight N6780 series of modules consists of source/measure units and application-specific modules. The N6781A, N6782A, and N6784A, N6785A, and N6786A SMUs provide advanced features, precise control and measurements of voltage and current down to the microampere and nanoampere regions. They provide stable, glitch-free output voltage and current during high-speed load changes, fast output modulation, and high-speed measurements of both voltage and current simultaneous. The N6783A applications-specific modules provide capabilities necessary for their respective applications, battery charge/discharge and mobile device manufacturing.

    Source/Measure Units (SMUs) & Application-Specific Modules
    Model Max. Power Max. Voltage Max. Current Description
    N6781A 20W 20V ±3A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit for Battery Drain Analysis
    N6782A 20W 20V ±3A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit for Functional Test
    N6784A 20W ±20V ±3A 4-Quadrant General-Purpose Source/Measure Unit
    N6785A 80W 20V ±8A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit for Battery Drain Analysis
    N6786A 80W 20V ±8A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit for Functional Test
    N6783A-MFG 18W 6V +3A/-2A Mobile Communications DC Power Module (Basic 2-Quadrant)
    N6783A-BAT 24W 8V +3A/-2A Battery Charge/Discharge Module
    (Basic 2-Quadrant)

    Electronic Load Modules - The Keysight N6790 family of electronic DC load modules provide sinking capability of up to 200W in a 1U height modular platform. In the N6700C series mainframe up to four N6791A or up to two N6792A electronic DC load modules can be configured, allowing up to 400 watts of total maximum power.

    Electronic Load Modules
    Model Max. Power Max. Voltage Max. Current Description
    N6791A 100W 60V 20A Electronic DC load module
    N6792A 200W 60V 40A Electronic DC load module