Keysight N6791A DC Electronic Load Module

28110.1 MFG #: N6791A
$1,916.00 / EACH
  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • Input Ratings:
      • 0 to 20 A
      • 0 to 60 V
      • 100 W
    • Low Voltage Current:
      • 1.6 V: 20.00 A
      • 1.0 V: 12.50 A
      • 0.5 V:   6.25 A
      • 0.1 V:   1.25 A
    • 1U height (Single-wide)
    • Modes: Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Constant Resistance, Constant Power
    • USB, LAN, GPIB interfaces standard
    • N6700 style UI for ease of use and familiarity

    N6790A Series: for serious power system designers and test engineers
    Keysight N6791A Modular Electronic Load offers a 100 W module in a 1U footprint. Four different operation modes are available: constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance, and constant power. With a highly accurate measurement system and digitizing capabilities, you can easily gain insight into power supply test. Also, the N6791A offers a powerful, built-in arbitrary waveform generator which allows you to emulate complex dynamic load waveforms.

    Measure more with less
    From making battery drain test analysis to measuring DC-DC converter efficiency, now you can do it with fewer instruments on your bench with 1U height modular electronic load modules for the N6700 family, the only 1U modular solution that combines power supplies and e-Loads in the same ecosystem.

    When used with N6705C mainframe, you can get a powerful built-in arbitrary generator that allows you to emulate complex dynamic waveforms. Analyze and report data with built-in data logger that helps in generating reports for your applications.