Keysight N7041A Rogowski AC Current Probe

26752.1 MFG #: N7041A
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  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Option Parent Model: EDUX1002A

  • Description

    N7040A: 3,000A, 1 Hz – 23 MHz N7041A: 600A, 12 Hz – 30 MHz N7042A 300A, 9.2 Hz – 30 MHz For measurement of AC current only Accuracy: calibrated to 0.2% BNC interface compatible with all InfiniiVision 1000 X-, 2000 X-,3000T X-,4000 X-,6000 X-Series and Infiniium S-Series, as well as any oscilloscope that has a 1 MΩ BNC input AC power adapter and 4x batteries included for probe power For motor drives, power inverters, power supplies, Wide Band Gap (WBG) power devices

    Keysight N7040A Rogowski AC Current ProbeThe N7040A, N7041A and N7042A family of Rogowski AC current probes conveniently measure large AC current. These probes have a flexible clip-around sensor coil that can easily be wrapped around current carrying test points for measurement and can measure large current without increase in transducer size. These probes come with an AC power adapter and 4x batteries to power the probe, and they can be used with any oscilloscope with 1 MΩ BNC interface.

    How does a Rogowski current transducer work?

    Keysight Rogowski AC Current Probe
    1. The voltage induced in a Rogowski coil is proportional to the rate of change of current enclosed by the coil-loop
    2. The coil voltage is integrated to produce a voltage proportional to the current
    3. Because the Rogowski coil uses air core, it can measure large currents without saturation
    4. Rogowski coil is the best method to measure several kAs of AC current
      N7040A N7041A N7042A
    Bandwidth 3 Hz – 23 MHz 12 Hz – 30 MHz 9.2 Hz – 30 MHz
    Peak current 3,000 Apk 600 Apk 300 Apk
    Sensitivity 2 mV/A (500:1) 10 mV/A (100:1) 20 mV/A (50:1)
    Max noise (mVpp) 8 mVpp 10 mVpp 115 mVpp
    Max voltage 5 kVpk 10 mVpk 1.2 kVpk
    Total cable length 4.5 m 3 m 3 m
    Probe termination 1 MΩ BNC
    N7040A/41A/42A Rogowski AC Current Probes
    A thin, flexible coil easily wraps around test points

    Included with N7040A, N7041A and N7042A: AC power adapter and four (4) batteries.