Keysight N9311X-100 Close Field Probe Set

19802.1 MFG #: N9311X-100
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Product Features

    The N9311X-100 Probe Set is part of the N9311X RF and Microwave Accessory family that complements the handheld and benchtop instruments: N934xC/N9340B/N9330B/N9310A/N9320B/N9000A.

    • Frequency range: 30 MHz to 3 GHz
    • Measurement tool for EMI precompliance test, troubleshooting and design verification
    • Searches for sources of interference early in the design process

    The N9311X-100 magnetic field probes detect radiated emissions from printed circuit boards, modules, components, ICs and sources of electromagnetic interference.

    Close Field Probe Set

    N9311X Close Field Probe Set