Keysight N9340B/0B0 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

16806.4 MFG #: N9340B/0B0
$9,038.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency: 3 GHz
  • Model: N9340B/0B0
  • Quote Required: No
  • Web Meta Description: Keysight N9340B 3 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer provides powerful features for field applications, superior performance to build the confidence in field test and exceptional usability to enhance field productivity.
  • S3 Part Number: 16806.4

  • Description

    • 100 kHz to 3 GHz
    • RBW 30 Hz to 1 MHz
    • Phase noise -87dBc/Hz
    • DANL -124 dBm, -144 dBm with optional preamp
    • Non-zero span sweep time 10 ms
    • Third-order intercept +10 dBm
    • One-button power measurement: occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power ratio
    • Peak, negative peak, normal sample, RMS sample detectors
    • Spectrum emission mask, Spectrogram, Field Strength measurements
    • Supports USB power sensors for high accuracy power measurement
    • AM/FM modulation analysis (Option AMA)
    • ASK/FSK modulation analysis (Option DMA)
    • Bright 6.5" TFT color LCD
    • Backlit keys for night use
    • USB connectivity and flash memory support
    • 4-Hour battery operating time
    • Three-year warranty

    Keysight N9340B 3 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer provides powerful features for field applications, superior performance to build the confidence in field test and exceptional usability to enhance field productivity.

    Spectrum emission mask
    The new N9340B adds Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM) as a standard feature. SEM is a mask for out-of-channel emissions measurement. The SEM is defined relatively to in-channel power. The user can set the parameters of the main channel, out-of-channel frequency bands, and the limit lines. Included is Pass/Fail testing for the overall spectrum emission mask and each individual out-of-channel frequency range. The N9340B will trigger the failure indicator once any measurement result violates the mask. Also displayed are the main channel power and the power level vectors relative to in-channel power for each out-of-channel frequency range. The user can save the spectrum scan, the mask, the data or screenshot for later analysis and reporting.

    Now you can take advantage of the spectrogram display to view the behavior of varying signal parameters over time. The N9340B includes spectrogram as a standard feature. The scrolling three-dimensional display is noted for its ability to track the frequency and power behavior over the time, particularly intermittent signals. The user can use spectrogram to analyze the stability of a signal over the time, or to identify intermittent interference signals in communications systems. There are two markers for the user to identify power versus frequency and time. Also the time interval between two consecutive colored rows can be adjusted. When a marker is put on the spectrogram, the N9340B can display the trace for the time of the selected marker. The spectrogram data and screenshots can be saved and recalled for later analysis or reporting.

    Field strength measurement
    Electric field strength measurements are frequently required for field testing of transmitter and antenna coverage. Field strength measurements are now a standard function in the N9340B. Calibrated field strength measurements are easy to make once the antenna factors are loaded into the analyzer via the provided PC software based antenna template. Either field strength (in dBµV/ m, dBmV/ m, or V/ m) or power flux density (in dBm/ m or W/ m ) can be displayed. With the amplitude offset function, the user can correct gain or loss. And finally together with the user-definable multi-limit line function, the N9340B offers the user quick and convenient field strength measurements and analysis.

    High accuracy power measurement
    The N9340B now supports high-accuracy, USB plug-and-play power measurements as standard when connected to a Keysight U2000 series USB power sensor. Make true average power measurements for all signal types with wide dynamic range up to 18 GHz with just the push of a button. The Keysight U2000 USB sensors require no external power supplies and with internal zeroing eliminate the need for external calibration. Without the need for additional boxes, the user can easily set up, calibrate and control the power meter/sensor via the analyzer's USB port. The N9340B can collect, display and save the power meter results. The analyzer also provides Pass/Fail testing with user set upper and lower limits and a Pass/Fail indicator. Test results are shown in dBm and W when making absolute measurements and in dB and percentage when measurements are relative. Two display modes are available: Meter or the Chart mode to log power measurements over time.

    AM/FM modulation analysis (Option AMA)
    Optional AM/FM modulation analysis shows the metrics you need, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM depth/FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset. User definable limits provide Pass/Fail indicators in 4 cases: higher than carrier power, larger than AM modulation index or FM deviation, lower than AM modulation index or FM deviation, or larger than carrier frequency offset. The user can save the waveforms with metrics for reporting as well as the set-up parameters for future measurements or analysis.

    ASK/FSK modulation analysis (Option DMA)
    Optional ASK/FSK modulation analysis is now available. Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) is used in RFID and optical systems. Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) is used in many applications including cordless phone, paging systems and RFID. N9340B w/option DMA supports 4 display modes: Symbol, Waveform, ASK/FSK Error, and Eye Diagram. Included is Pass/Fail testing of higher than carrier power, higher than ASK modulation depth/FSK frequency deviation, lower than ASK modulation depth/FSK frequency deviation and higher than FSK frequency deviation. The metrics you need are shown, including carrier power, ASK/FSK error, ASK depth/FSK frequency deviation, and ASK index etc. For reports and future measurements the waveform with metrics and setup parameters can be saved.

    Channel table
    For the users who prefer to tune the spectrum analyzer according to channel numbers rather than center frequency, you will find the new Channel Table feature easy-to-use. The Channel Table includes the major wireless communication standards, such as AMPS, GSM/EDGE/GPRS, CDMA, CDMA2000 etc. The Channel Table can also be edited by the user with the included N9340 PC Software. The revised Channel Table can be downloaded to the analyzer via a PC USB cable or a USB memory stick.

    Safety at high input levels
    The N9340B can be used for most cases. However, should the power level exceed 33 dBm, the input protection switch activates to protect the instrument from damage. The maximum safe input level is > +33 dBm for 3 minutes at most (50 VDC).

    One-button measurement
    The Keysight N9340B supports one-button measurements of occupied bandwidth, channel power and adjacent channel power ratio. This virtually eliminates set-up time in the field.

    Occupied bandwidth (OBW)
    An occupied bandwidth measurement integrates the power of the displayed spectrum and puts one pair of vertical lines at the frequencies between which the interested signal is contained. An N9340B spectrum analyzer supports two ways to measure the occupied bandwidth, in percentage or in dBc.

    Channel power
    Use channel power to measure both power and power spectral density in a user-specified channel bandwidth. One pair of vertical lines on the display indicates the edges of the channel bandwidth.

    Adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR)
    Wireless service providers need to minimize the interference caused by power leaking into adjacent transmit channels. Adjacent channel power ratio measurements help in checking of signal spectrums and in identifying and controlling sources of interference.

    See traces clearly indoors and outdoors
    As with all the newest Keysight portable field testers, operating under challenging bright sunlight or other difficult natural lighting conditions is no problem. The unusual 6.5" TFT display with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels provides a superior, bright and clear trace for indoors and outdoors use. There is no need to ensure you operate in the shade. The N9340B has a light sensor in the front panel. The light-sensor can be activated to adjust the display brightness to adapt N9340B to the changing lighting conditions.