Keysight N9936B FieldFox Signal Analyzer, 14 GHz

28746.1 MFG #: N9936B
$21,662.00 / EACH
  • Brand: Keysight
  • Condition: New
  • Frequency: 14 GHz
  • Meta Keywords: Keysight, FieldFox, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Analyzer, real time, OTA, 5G

  • Description

    • N9936B - 14 GHz FieldFox Signal Analyzer
    • Expand capabilities with optional real-time spectrum analyzer or tracking generator
    • Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (±0.3 dB) without warm-up
    • Capture intermittent signals with 100 MHz gap-free real-time bandwidth
    • Portable solution for radar pulse profile characterization
    • Supports over-the-air measurements for 5GTF and LTE
    • Ideal I/Q data capture tool for RF signal monitoring and analysis
    • GPS/GNSS receiver for geolocation and timestamping
    • Lightest all-in-one analyzer at 7.35 lb.

    FieldFox, the industry's most versatile portable analyzer, has launched this new line of future-ready analyzers to address the ever-increasing demands of 5G, satellite communications, signal monitoring and electronic warfare applications. All existing FieldFox A Series measurement capabilities (except QuickCal) are supported on the new FieldFox B Series. 100 MHz (Option B10) and 40 MHz (Option B04) analysis bandwidth options will be available on the B models, with 10 MHz as the standard option

    Industry's most precise handheld analyzer with optional 100 MHz RTSA

  • Easily capture intermittent beam sweeping technologies used in 5G and radar systems
  • Detect small signals once masked by stronger signals
  • Capture signals as narrow as 5.52 µs with 100% POI and full amplitude accuracy
  • Accelerate communication system development by quickly switching to over-the-air (OTA) measurements