• Description

    • 10,000 Count dual display
    • 0.09% basic DCV accuracy
    • True RMS AC
    • Longer battery life - up to 400 hours
    • Tested to withstand a 3-meter (10-ft) drop
    • Certified to IP 67 for water and dust protection
    • Basic functions: DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, resistance, frequency, diode test, continuity with beeper
    • J & K-Type temperature measurements (K-Type only on U1241C)
    • Advanced functions: capacitance, switch counter, harmonic ratio (U1242C only), dual/differential temperature (U1242C only)
    • With Keysight Remote Link solution, add on U1117A Infrared (IR)- to-Bluetooth Adapter (optional accessory) to get instant wireless Bluetooth connection
    • Data logging, 200 points (U1242C only)
    • Cat III 1000V (IEC61010 compliant)
    • Three-year warranty

    Helping You Check and Fix More Installation and Maintenance Bugs

    The Keysight U1241C and U1242C handheld digital multimeters enable you to check more with wider measurement ranges. They feature true RMS readings on their 10,000-count displays. The adjustable backlighting allows you to complete your jobs even in subdued lighting conditions, or to simply prolong battery life. Your maintenance tasks are greatly simplified due to the built-in switch counter, harmonic ratio, dual and differential temperature capabilities, with just a press of the button. The meters have a high safety rating with CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V protection and are certified to CE and CSA standards. On top of that, the U1240 Series comes with a certificate of calibration and test report — at no extra cost.

    The latest multimeters in this series, U1241C and U1242C offer capabilities and functions equivalent to the U1240B Series.

    Available Accessories:

    U1162A U1163A U1164A
    Alligator Clips
    SMT Grabbers
    Fine Tip Test Probes 
    U1180A U1183A U1183A
    Immersion Temperature Probe  
    Surface Temperature Probe  
    Air Temperature Probe
    U1184A U1185A U1186A
    Temperature Probe
    J-Type Thermocouple
    and Adapter
    K-Type Thermocouple
    and Adapter