Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz HMO3054.02 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

24923.2 MFG #: HMO3054.02
$0.00 / EA
  • Brand: Rohde & Schwarz
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: HMO3052, HMO3054
  • Discontinued: Yes

  • Description

    • 500 MHz Bandwidth, 4 GSa/s Sample rate
    • HMO3052: 2 analog channels
    • HMO3054: 4 analog channels
    • 8/16 logic channels with optional HO3508/HO3516 Logic Probe
    • Trigger modes: slope (A/B), pulse width, video, logic, rise time, runt, serial buses (optional), hold-off
    • 8 MPts Memory (4 MPts per channel), Memory Zoom up to 250,000:1
    • Serial Bus Trigger and Hardware accelerated Decode incl. List View. Options: I2C + SPI + UART/RS-232, CAN/LIN
    • Automatically or manually adjustable memory depth, segmented memory option (HOO14)
    • Automatic Search for User defined Events
    • Pass/fail test based on masks, automatic search for user-defined events
    • Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV/div., Offset Control ±0.2 to ±60 V
    • Display: 12 div. x-axis, 20 div. y-axis (Virtual Screen)
    • 28 auto-measure parameters plus statistics, formula editor, ratio cursor
    • 6-digit hardware counter
    • FFT up to 64 kPts (dBm, dBV, Vrms)
    • 2x USB for mass storage, Ethernet/USB dual interface for remote control
    R&S HMO3000 Series oscilloscopes Elektronik Magazine 2014 Product of the year
    Elektronik Mag. 2014 Test & Measurement Winner

    Precise Signal Analysis
    The HMO3052 and HMO3054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes feature an excellent sampling rate in combination with a large memory depth, which is the key for precise signal analysis. These oscilloscopes' highly-resolved measurement data and the powerful zoom function expose even minor signal details.

    The HMO3052, HMO3054 mixed-signal oscilloscopes can be used for investigating analog and digital signals simultaneously. The optional HO3508/HO 3516 low-capacitance logic probes (100 kΩ II 4 pF) allow the analysis of up to 16 logic channels at a sampling rate of 1 Gsample/s.

    Segmented memory
    The HMO 3000 series allows users to segment the available memory. Segmenting memory may be useful if there are large gaps between individual data packets during serial bus communications.

    Trigger Out
    The HMO3000 Series' features includes "Trigger Out" output which can record address and data signals before or after a specific trigger event.

    Integrated bus signal source
    The HMO3000 Series' integrated bus signal source remains unique among mixed-signal oscilloscopes. Three outputs were added to the standard probe adjustment oscillator. At these outputs, an internal circuit provides randomly generated serial data for the various protocols (I2C, SPI, UART) or alternatively a random 4-bit pattern or a 4-bit counter signal, depending on requirements. This prevents incorrect setup, a common problems during bus analysis. Now you can verify the settings for circuit analysis using known signals.

    Included with oscilloscope: HZ355 500 MHz 10:1 Probe (1 per analog channel), HO730 Ethernet/USB dual-interface card, software CD.

    Optional HO3508 Logic Probe

    HO3508 Logic Probe
    • 8-channels, 350 MHz, 100 kΩ II <4 pF
    • Available as double pack (HO3516)
    • Enables 8 Logic Channels in oscilloscope's MSO Mode
    • The Display on the Oscilloscope will be either as individual Channels or as a Bus Display
    • Decoding may be in the ASCII, Binary, Decimal or Hexadecimal Formats
    • The Threshold can be adjusted for 8 Logic Channels as a Group at the Oscilloscope
    • The Activation of the Logic Channels is indicated by a LED on the Logic Probe