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    • Bandwidth: 1GHz
    • Up to 1000 Msample memory
    • I2C/SPI, UART, CAN/LIN plus much more
    • 10-bit ADC
    • 10.1" Touch Display
    • 4-Channels; 200 MHz, upgradeable to 350, 500 MHz, 1 GHz with RTA-B24x Option
    • 10-bit ADC with up to 16-bit resolution
    • 500 ?V/div: full measurement bandwidth
    • MSO Option for 16 digital channels (upgradeable)
    • Class-leading low noise and timebase accuracy
    • 2.5 Gsample/s per channel; 5 Gsample/s (2 channels interleaved)
    • Deep memory: standard 100 Msample per channel and 200 Msample interleaved
    • Standard history function: 1 Gsample
    • Standard segmented memory: 1 Gsample
    • Parallel operation: correlation between frequency and time
    • Spectrogram: display of frequency over time
    • Markers: find peaks automatically
    • Protocol aware triggering and decode for serial buses
    • Segmented memory for long time captures
    • Table view of packets/frames
    • Three-year warranty
    • RTA4000 Series Video (2:32)

    Large high-resolution display in a compact form factor
    Designed with class-leading signal integrity and responsive ultra-deep memory, the R&S®RTA4000 Series scope brings the power of 10 to a new level. A Rohde & Schwarz designed 10-bit ADC, which yields up to a fourfold improvement over conventional 8-bit A/D converters, combined with class-leading low noise, memory depth and timebase accuracy gives you sharp waveforms, more accurate measurements and confidence when facing unexpected measurement challenges.

    Fast update rate and ultra-deep memory
    The RTA4004 offers class-leading memory depth: 100 Msample per channel, 200 Msample in interleaved mode. Maintaining a fast sample rate is directly tied to acquisition memory. With its deep memory, the RTA4004 captures longer periods of time at high sample rates, giving you extra insurance for unexpected project requirements.

    More than just an oscilloscope
    The RTA4004 includes a logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, spectrum analyzer, waveform and pattern generator. counter and digital voltmeter. A large, high-resolution capacitive touchscreen with a widely acclaimed user interface makes it easy to take advantage of all these tools.

    Grows with your needs
    The RTA4004 has flexibly. You simply install the necessary software licenses, e.g. triggering and decoding of serial protocols. The waveform and pattern generator and MSO capabilities are built-in and just need to be activated. The oscilloscope ships standard with 200 MHz bandwidth, and can be upgraded up to 1 GHz via keycode by purchasing these options: 350 MHz (RTA-B243), 500 MHz (RTA-B245), 1 GHz (RTA-B2410).

    Unrivaled Signal Integrity

    • 10-bit ADC with up to 16-bit resolution
      The RTA4004 employs a proprietary 10-bit A/D converter that delivers a fourfold improvement over conventional 8-bit A/D converters. The increased resolution results in sharper waveforms with more signal details that would otherwise be missed.
    • 500 μV/div: full measurement bandwidth: without employing software- based magnification of larger settings or by limiting the bandwidth.
      The RTA4000 oscilloscope shows the signal’s real sampling points over the full measurement bandwidth — even at 500 μV/div
    • Class-leading low noise
      The RTA4000 has class-leading low noise that allows you to take advantage of the extra bits of resolution and see signals that may be hidden
    • Deep memory: standard 100 Msample per channel and 200 Msample interleaved, as well as 1000 Msample in History Mode.
      Maintaining a fast sample rate is directly tied to acquisition memory. With its deep memory, the R&S®RTA4000 captures longer periods of time at high sample rates
    R&S Probes

    Micro button: convenient instrument control

    • Class-leading timebase accuracy
      With a timebase accuracy of ±0.5 ppm, the R&S®RTA4000 ensures accurate measurements over long time captures
    • Standard segmented memory: 1 Gsample
      The standard segmented memory analyzes signal sequences over a long observation period. For example, protocol- based signals with communications gaps, such as I2C or SPI, can be captured over extended periods of time without wasting storage on idle time. Thanks to the variable segment size from 10 ksample to 200 Msample, the deep memory is optimally utilized; more than 87 000 cohesive individual segments are possible
    • Standard history function
      History mode is an always-on capability to view previous acquisitions up to the maximum segmented memory depth of 1 Gsample. For further analysis, the complete toolset can be applied to recorded segments. This includes, for example, mask tests, QuickMeas function and FFT
    • More than 30 dedicated probes
      A complete portfolio of high-quality passive and active probes covers all measurement tasks — from μA to kA and from μV to kV. Dedicated power rail probes detect even small and sporadic distortions on DC power rails. And, the micro button on Rohde & Schwarz active probes is conveniently situated on the probe tip, and you can assign it different functions, such as run/stop, autoset and adjust offset

    RTA4000 Series Common Applications

    RTA4000 Power integrity RTA4000 Power analysis RTA4000 EMI debugging

    Power Integrity

    • Measure large DC offsets with the ability to zoom in on small ripples
    • Accurately measure ripple and periodic and random disturbances (PARD)
    • Spectrum analysis view makes finding coupled sources easier

    Power Analysis

    • See power signal details with up to 16-bit resolution
    • Capture long periods of time, e.g. a turn-on sequence, with high sample rate
    • Complete probe portfolio for measuring from μA to kA and μV to kV

    EMI Debugging

    • Near-field probes shows interfering signals
    • Time and frequency domain correlation for powerful debugging of emitters
    • Hardware-based digital down conversion and FFT provides a vivid and fast view in the frequency domain

    Included with RTA4004: four RT-ZP10 500 MHz passive probes and power cord.