Rohde & Schwarz RTE1204.84 Digital Oscilloscope

24529.1 MFG #: RTE1204.84
$24,405.00 / EA
  • Brand: Rohde & Schwarz
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • 2- and 4-channel models
    • MSO Option for 16 digital channels (upgradeable)
    • Bandwidth: 200, 350, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 2 GHz (upgradeable)
    • Sample rate: 5 GS/s on all channels
    • Memory depth: to 40 MSA standard; Optional to 200 MSA
    • Always-on “history mode” lets you see previous triggers
    • Update Rate: >1,000,000 wfms/sec helps find elusive faults fast
    • High definition mode with up to 16-bit vertical resolution
    • High-resolution 10.4" TFT (XGA) touchscreen
    • Exclusive digital trigger system provides highly accurate triggering
    • Hardware-based mask testing and mask triggering
    • Serial protocols: Hardware-based triggering and decoding
    • EMI debugging with hardware accelerated spectrum analysis
    • High-performance probes with extensive accessories
    • Windows 7 OS
    • View video: Trigger and decode of low speed serial buses

    Scope of the Art
    The R&S®RTE oscilloscopes are available with two or four channels and a bandwidth of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 1 GHz, or 2 GHz. With a sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and a memory depth of 10 Msample per channel (can be optionally expanded to 50 Msample per channel), the instruments provide excellent performance parameters.

    An acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second ensures that signal faults are found quickly. A highly accurate digital trigger system and the excellent dynamic range of the A/D converter with its more than seven effective bits provide precise results.

    Besides the cursor functions and automated measurements, the R&S®RTE offers even more analysis tools that help users to complete tasks quickly. At the push of a button, for example, the QuickMeas function simultaneously displays the results of multiple measurement functions for the signal that is currently active. The FFT analysis is also unique. It gives the impression of a live spectrum on the screen and reliably detects sporadic signals.

    A broad range of dedicated application solutions is also available, including trigger and decode options for serial buses such as I2C, SPI and CAN, and a power analysis option. The logic analysis capability offered by the R&S®RTE is essential for analyzing digital components of embedded designs. The R&S®RTE-B1 mixed signal option can be added to any base unit and offers 16 additional digital channels. It is possible to decode up to four parallel buses simultaneous

    The wide variety of measurement and analysis functions can be easily operated via the high-resolution 10.4" XGA touchscreen. Transparent dialog boxes ensure that the measurement diagrams always maintain their original size. Signal flow diagrams in the dialog boxes simplify navigation. Signal icons with realtime preview on the edge of the screen clearly show what is currently happen.

    More reliable measurements, more tools and fast results, more fun to use — that's the R&S®RTE oscilloscope. From embedded design development to power electronics analysis to general debugging, the R&S®RTE offers quick solutions for everyday T&M tasks.

    R&S RTE Series Oscilloscopes

    Model Bandwidth Ch. Memory Depth* Unique New Features Rohde & Schwarz RTE Series Digital Oscilloscopes

    RTE Series w/ HZ-15 near-field probe set

    R&S®RTE1204 2 GHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    • FingertipZoom: Move the finger along the signal to get a quick overview of signal details
    • FFT based spectrum analysis: powerful & user-friendly
    • SaveSet tool: Fast access to instrument configurations
    • QuickMeas: Key results at the push of a button
    R&S®RTE1154 1.5 GHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1104 1 GHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1102 1 GHz 2 20 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1054 500 MHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1052 500 MHz 2 20 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1034 350 MHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1032 350 MHz 2 20 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1024 200 MHz 4 40 Msample/Channel
    R&S®RTE1022 200 MHz 2 20 Msample/Channel
    * On 1-channel, standard. Memory Depth can be increased with B101 (x2) and B102 (x5) options.

    Includes: One (1) R&S®RTE-ZP10 500 MHz passive probe per channel, accessories bag, quick start guide, CD with manual, and power cord. Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.