Sorensen SLM-150-8-300 150V, 8A, 300W programmable AC/DC modular load

16918.1 MFG #: SLM-150-8-300
$1,367.18 / EA
  • Brand: Sorensen
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: SLM Series

  • Description

    • Modular Electronic Load Chassis
      • Full front panel control with 150 memory states
      • Sequencer: 9 sequences, up to 16 steps each
    • Mix AC, DC, single and dual input loads in the same chassis
    • Flexible Control
      • SL DC Operating Modes: CC, CR, CP, CV, shorts, dynamic
      • SLD Operating Modes: CC, CR, CV, shorts, dynamic
      • SL AC Operating Modes: CC, Crest Factor, CR
      • Standard GPIB / RS-232 programming
      • Analog inputs
    • Flexible measurement
      • 16-bit, 4.5 Digit front panel meters
      • 16-bit GPIB, RS-232 readback
      • Isolated current monitor output (DC single input models <200V)
    SLM Chassis
    The SLM chassis are available in a convenient single-bay configuration for benchtop/desktop applications or a four-bay configuration for multichannel and ATE requirements. Either chassis is compatible with SLM and SLD loads. Each chassis contains non-volatile memory capable of storing up to 150 module setups and nine 16-step sequences for automated, standalone testing. Or for more complex test sequences, the chassis come with GPIB (optional on SLM-1) and RS-232 as standard interfaces.
    SLM Chassis

    SLM Module Family
    The SLM family includes 11 models of fully programmable, single input AC or DC modular electronic load modules. DC models are offered to test power supplies, battery chargers, battery discharge, power supply transient response and integration into ATE systems. AC models are ideal to test low power inverters. The DC models support operation in Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance or Constant Power mode as well as a short simulation. Engineers have ultimate control of current waveforms by using either the analog input or CC dynamic mode. An analog input (single input DC models) allows arbitrary current waveforms up to 20 kHz with an external 0-10 V signal. In dynamic mode, the pulse generator allows fast state switching between two programmed current levels with programmed slew rate and dwell times.
    SLM Module

    SLD Module Family
    The SLD family offers six models of fully programmable, dual input modular electronic load modules. These DC modules are specifically designed for low power, high channel count testing and provide the highest channel density available. (The double wide, dual channel module is seen here. The single wide, dual channel model is not pictured.)
    SLD Module

    SL Series Modular Loads Selection
    SLM-4 Mainframe Chassis, Four (4) Bay for SLM, SLD modular loads
    SLM-1 Mainframe Chassis, Single bay for SLM, SLD modular loads
    SLM-60-30-150 DC Module, 60V / 30A / 150W
    SLM-60-60-300 DC Module, 60V / 60A / 300W
    SLM-250-10-300 DC Module, 250V / 10A / 300W
    SLM-500-10-300 DC Module, 500V / 10A / 300W
    SLM-60-15-75 DC Module, 60V / 15A / 75W
    SLD-60-505-255 DC dual input module, 60V / 50A / 250W, 60V / 5A / 50W
    SLD-61-505-255 DC dual input module, 60V / 50A / 250W, -60V / 5A / 50W
    SLD-61-5-752 DC dual input module, 60V / 5A / 75W, -60V / 5A / 75W
    SLD-62-5-752 DC dual input module, -60V / 5A / 75W (x2)
    SLD-60-105-550 DC dual input module, 60V / 100A / 500W, 60V / 5A / 50W
    SLD-80-20-102 DC dual input module, 80V / 20A / 100W (x2)
    SLM-60-20-300 AC/DC Module, 60V / 20A / 300W
    SLM-150-8-300 AC/DC Module, 150V / 8A / 300W
    SLM-300-4-300 AC/DC Module, 300V / 4A / 300W
    SLM-500-1-300 AC/DC Module, 500Vdc/300Vrms / 1A / 300W
    SLM-BB Blank Panel

    SLM-4 chassis includes rackmount handles with ears.

    1-Year warranty on SL Series loads.

    Also Available - SLH Family, High Power Loads - Up to 1800 Watts

    Fully programmable, high power AC or DC electronic loads. The 500V models are for PFC testing, power transformers and various other AC or DC power sources. The 300V models are used for testing of UPSs, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and batteries. High current, 60V DC models are for general purpose power supply testing. High voltage, AC/DC models are intended for inverter test, Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit testing (500V) and UPS testing (300V). More info here...

    SLH Electronic Load
    More info here...