Sorensen XDL35-5 Power Supply, Single Output

15301.1 MFG #: XDL35-5
$0.00 / EA
  • Brand: Sorensen
  • Condition: New
  • Volts: 35
  • Amps: 5
  • Watts: 105

  • Description

    Very high precision, very low noise Multiple voltage/current ranges Direct numeric entry and incremental rotary control of voltage and current Remote or local sense Advanced user interface with direct numericentry Illuminated keys and display legends Fully isolated outputs for maximum flexibility Up to ten store/recall set-ups (30 set-ups for triple output) Power output display Constant voltage or constant current operation Link and copy mode Over voltage, over current, over temperature protection GPIB, RS-232, USB, LAN (LXI-C) Interface ("P" Models) Three-year warranty

    TestEquity is an authorized U.S. stocking distributor for Sorensen bench power supplies.

    Unmatched Precision
    The XDL series II offers an unparalleled level of precision. Voltage and current are controlled using instrumentation quality 16 bit DACs enabling voltages to be set to 1mV resolution even at full output. Indeed, the accuracy is sufficient for the XDL to be used as a calibration source for some hand-held DMMs.

    Multiple Ranges for Greater Flexibility
    The XDL series II provides multiple ranges for increased current capability at lower voltages. The XDL35-5, for example, is a 100 Watt power supply with three ranges. The main range offers 0 to 35 Volts at up to 3 Amps. The higher current range provides up to 5 Amps for voltages up to 15 Volts. A further low current range provides an enhanced current setting and measurement resolution of 0.1 mA.

    Unrivaled Performance
    The XDL series II uses pure linear technology and offers unrivalled performance in regulation, output noise and dynamics. Line and load regulation are close to the limit of measureability. Recovery time from transient current pulses is better than 50µs. Output noise is less than 350µV rms in CV mode and down to 20µA rms in CI mode - dramatically better than other power supplies.

    Fast, Simple and Safe to Use
    The user interface of the XDL series II has been painstakingly designed to provide rapid control whilst guarding against any possibility of error. Unlike other digitally controlled units, the XDL series II provides both numeric and rotary control. Illuminated keys and display legends provide instant confirmation of settings and status.

    Instant Limits View
    To enable the current limit to be set before connecting the load, the limit setting is displayed when the output is set to Off. With the output set to On, the current meter shows the load current rather than the limit setting. Pressing the Limits key at any time provides a temporary display of the limit values allowing precise adjustment to be made. (When operating in CI mode it will be the load voltage which is displayed with the output on, and the voltage limit which is shown using the Limits function).

    Setting Memories for Added Convenience
    The XDL series II provides storage of up to 50 power supply sets-up in non-volatile memory (160 set-ups for a triple). Upon power switch-off, the current set-up is saved and is automatically restored at switch-on. On the triple output XDL35-5T and XDL56-4T, independent memories are provided for each output, plus an additional set for 'linked' mode where the user may wish to recall settings for both outputs simultaneously.

    OVP and OCP Trip with Alarm Output
    The XDL series II provides fully adjustable over-voltage and over-current trips. These trips can be used both as a fail-safe against accidental mis-setting and as a protection against inappropriate load conditions. In addition to turning the output off, a trip condition switches the rear panel alarm signal enabling other equipment to be controlled. For complete protection of the power supply, the trip will also be operated by over-temperature, or excess voltage on the sense terminals.

    Remote or Local Sense
    The XDL series II provides full remote sense capability via dedicated sense terminals. Remote sense is essential to maintain regulation at the load (two 0.01 ohm connection leads will drop 100 mV at 5 A). When remote sense is not required, internal local sensing can be selected at the touch of a button.

    Instant watts display
    The product of voltage and current can be displayed at any time by pressing the V x A button. The power is displayed with a resolution down to 1 milliwatt.

    Triple Output Supplies: Auxiliary Output with Fully Variable Voltage (T models)
    XDL Triple The triple output models have two main outputs plus one auxiliary output. The two main outputs are independent and isolated. Illuminated keys selects which output is to be adjusted and provide unambiguous indication. In "linked" mode, all adjustments are applied to both outputs simultaneously. Linked mode can provide tracking outputs and is particularly useful when the user wishes to wire the outputs in series or parallel to obtain higher voltages or currents. A "copy" function allows all of the settings of one output to be duplicated on the other prior to linking. For even greater flexibility, the outputs can be linked when set to different voltages or currents allowing separate settings to be loaded into the linked-mode memories for simultaneous recall. The triple output models incorporate a third “auxiliary” output intended for powering logic and other low voltage circuitry. This output is fully isolated from the main outputs and provides a fully variable voltage of between 1.00 and 6.00 volts, to a resolution of 0.01V, and has a current capability of 3 amps. A front panel button enables to voltage and current for the auxiliary output to be viewed on the Output 1 display whenever required.

    Fully Programmable via GPIB, RS-232, USB or LAN ("P" Models)
    Models with a P suffix incorporate a full bus interface enabling remote control and readback via either GPIB, RS-232, USB, or LAN (LXI-C). P versions incorporate output power and sense terminals on the rear panel in addition to the front panel. All power supply settings can be controlled via the bus. Voltage and current can be set to a resolution of 1 mV or 0.1 mA for each main output. Actual voltage and current can be read back along with the power supply status.

    Model Output, Range 1 Output, Range 2 Output, Range 3 Aux. Output Number Outputs Output Power
    XDL35-5 0-35V, 0-3A 0-15V, 0-5A 0-35V, 0-500.0mA None Single 105 W
    XDL35-5T 0-35V, 0-3A (x2) 0-15V, 0-5A (x2) 0-35V, 0-500.0mA (x2) 1.000-5.000V, 3 A Triple 228 W
    XDL56-4 0-56V, 0-2A 0-25V, 0-4A 0-56V, 0-500.0mA None Single 112 W
    XDL56-4T 0-56 V, 0-2 A (x2) 0-25 V, 0-4 A 0-56 V, 0-500.0 mA 1.000-6.000V, 3 A Triple 242 W
    Add "P" to end of model number for GPIB, RS-232, USB, LAN (LXI-C) interface. Must be specified at time of order.