Tektronix 80E10B Electrical Sampling Module

16681.7 MFG #: 80E10B
$19,995.00 / EA
  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: Rental

  • Description

    80E10 Dual-channel Sampling Module
    80E10, 80E08, and 80E04
    • High-performance TDR/T Measurements
    • Impedance Profile, Inductance, Capacitance, and S-parameters
    • Transmission Line Quality, Impedance, and Crosstalk
    • True Differential, Common Mode, and Single-ended Measurements
    • Efficient Fault Isolation
    80E09, 80E07, 80E06, 80E01
    • High-frequency, Low-noise Signal Acquisition
    • Fast Rise Time Measurements
    • Jitter Analysis and Waveform Analysis
    80E03, 80E03-NV
    • Device Characterization, Transmission Quality, Waveform Parameters
    • Low Signal Measurements

    The 80E10, 80E08, and 80E04 are dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sampling modules, providing up to 12 ps incident and 15 ps reflected rise time in the 80E10 (18 ps incident in 80E08 and 23 ps incident in 80E04). Each channel of these modules is capable of generating a fast step for use in TDR mode and the acquisition portion of the sampling module monitors the incident step and any reflected energy. The polarity of each channel’s step can be selected independently. This allows for differential or common mode TDR or S-parameter testing of two coupled lines, in addition to the independent testing of isolated lines. The independent step generation for each channel allows true differential measurements, which ensures measurement accuracy for differential devices.

    The 80E10 and 80E08 are small form factor, fully integrated independent 2-meter remote sampler systems, enabling location of the sampler near the DUT and ensuring the best signal fidelity. An optional 2-meter extender is available for the 80E04. The modules characterize crosstalk by using TDR steps to drive one line (or line pair for differential crosstalk) while monitoring a second line (or line pair) with the other channel (or another module for differential crosstalk). The "filter" function on the 8200 and 8000 Series mainframes can be used with TDR or crosstalk measurements to characterize expected system performance with slower edge rates.

    All modules have independent incident step and receiver deskew to remove the effect of measurement fixtures and probes, enabling faster and easier de-embedding of test fixtures. The 80E10 sampling modules provide an acquisition rise time of 7 ps, with up to 50 GHz user-selectable equivalent bandwidth (with 50, 40, and 30 GHz settings). The 80E08 sampling bandwidth is 30 GHz (user selectable with 30 and 20 GHz settings) and 80E04 sampling bandwidth is 20 GHz. The 20 GHz P8018 single-ended and 18 GHz P80318 differential variable pitch TDR probes provide excellent performance and compliance, ensuring easy and accurate backplane and package measurements.

    When the user employs these modules with Tektronix IConnect® TDR and VNA software, he or she can acquire up to 1,000,000 data points and obtain up to 50 GHz differential, mixed mode, and single-ended S-parameters. IConnect also enables impedance, S-parameters, and eye-diagram compliance testing as required by various serial data standards, as well as full channel analysis, Touchstone (SnP) file output, and SPICE modeling for gigabit interconnects. Sampling Modules: 80E09, 80E07, 80E06, 80E03, 80E03-NV, and 80E01.

    The 80E09 and 80E07 are dual-channel modules with remote samplers, capable of 450 μVRMS noise at 60 GHz sampling bandwidth, and 300 μV at 30 GHz sampling bandwidth. Each small form factor remote sampler is attached to a 2-meter cable in order to minimize the effects of cables, probes, and fixtures, allow close location of the sampler to the DUT, and ensure best signal fidelity. User-selectable bandwidth settings (60/40/30 on 80E09 and 30/20 on 80E07) offer optimal noise/bandwidth trade-off.

    The 80E06 and 80E01 are single-channel, 70+ and 50 GHz bandwidth sampling modules. The 80E06 provides the widest measurement bandwidth and fastest rise time measurements with world-class signal fidelity. Both the 80E06 and 80E01 provide a superior maximum operating range of ±1.6 V. Both of these modules can be used with the optional 2-meter extender cable, which ensures superior signal fidelity and measurement flexibility.

    The 80E03 and 80E03-NV are dual-channel, 20 GHz sampling modules. These sampling modules provide an acquisition rise time of 17.5 ps or less. An optional 2-meter extender cable is available.

    When used with Tektronix 80SJNB Jitter, Noise, and BER software, these modules enable separation of both jitter and noise into their components, understanding precise causes of eye closure, and obtaining highly accurate extrapolation of BER and 3-D eye contour. When used with the 82A04 phase reference module, time-base accuracy can be improved down to 200 fsRMS jitter, which together with the 300 μV noise floor and 14 bits of resolution ensures the highest signal fidelity for the measured signals.

    All models: 80E01, 80E03, 80E03-NV, 80E04, 80E06, 80E07, 80E08, 80E09, 80E10

    • Up to 70 GHz Bandwidth and 5 ps Measured Rise Time (10-90%)
    • Lowest Noise for Analysis – 450 μVRMS at 60 GHz, 300 μVRMS at 30 GHz
    • Remote Samplers*1 enable Location of Sampler Near DUT and ensure Best Signal Fidelity
    • Independent Sampler Deskew ensures Easy Fixture and Probe De-embedding
    • Dual Channel (Except 80E01 and 80E06)
    • Precision Microwave Connectors (3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm)
    • Probe Support (Except 80E06)
    TDR Modules
    • 15 ps Reflected True Differential Fully Integrated TDR Rise Time (12 ps Incident) and feature Resolution Below 1 mm
    • Efficient, Accurate, Easy to Use, and Cost-effective S-parameters up to 50 GHz 
    • Impedance Characterization and S-parameter Measurements for Serial Data Applications
    • Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis
    • Channel and Eye-diagram Simulation and Measurement-based Spice Modeling