Tektronix CSA803C Communications Signal Analyzer

13566.3 MFG #: CSA803C
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: Used

This is a discontinued product

  • Description

    Digital Communications Analysis Solutions
    Specifically designed for communications applications, the CSA803C Communications Signal Analyzer is the ideal tool for design and evaluation of datacomm/telecomm components, transceiver subassemblies, and transmission systems.

    The CSA803C oscilloscope generates measurement results, not just raw data, with time and voltage histograms, mask testing, and statistical pulse parameter measurements. It provides a communications-tailored measurement set that includes jitter, noise, duty cycle, overshoot, undershoot, extinction ratio and amplitude measurements.

    In addition, mask testing of SDH/SONET, Fiber Channel, and other standards simplifies compliance testing. A full color display helps you to discriminate waveform details. A color-graded display mode adds a third dimension - sample density - to your signal acquisitions and analysis. Color hardcopy capabilities allow you to accurately document your measurement results.

    Modularity and Flexibility
    The modularity of the instrument lets you choose the right bandwidth sampling head for your application, including the 2.5 GHz high impedance (100 k Ohm), low capacitance (0.475 pF) SD-14 up to 50 GHz with the SD-32.

    High bandwidth probes are also available for constructing a total acquisition and measurement solution.

    Superior Triggering Capabilities
    In addition to its full-function DC-coupled 4.0 GHz trigger (typical), the CSA803C offers a built-in, AC-coupled 12.5 GHz (typical) prescaler trigger for direct triggering on high-speed data at bit rates such as 9.953 GB/S OC192/STM64.

    Customers doing pass/fail testing to communications standards benefit from the excellent metastability characteristics of these triggers. Metastability is a condition of all logic devices when they do not latch to a valid ON of OFF logic level, and can occur during trigger events with all sampling oscilloscopes and circuits under test. The raw metastability of the CSA803C direct trigger is an impressive 5 parts per billion or less, and with Enhanced Triggering ON metastable trigger events are essentially eliminated. This is possible because Enhanced Triggering is capable of detecting possible metastable sample points and discarding them.

    • DC to 50 GHz with up to 12.5 GHz Trigger Bandwidth
    • Design and Evaluation of Datacomm/Telecomm Components, Transceiver Subassemblies, and Transmission Systems.
    • Fully Automatic Jitter, Noise, and Extinction Ratio Measurements
    • Normal, Infinite, Variable Persistence, and Color Graded Display Modes
    • Compatible with Optional O/E Converters
    • Automatic Eeasurements on Eye-diagrams
    • Time and Voltage Histograms
    • Automated ITU/ANSI Mask Testing with 47 Predefined Standard Masks
    • Requires appropriate sampling heads, call for availability