Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

11018.14 MFG #: DSA8300
$0.00 / EA
  • Manufacturer: Tektronix
  • Condition: Used
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  • Description

    DSA 8300 Modules
    Click module's model number to visit its product page for more information or to purchase.
    Optical Modules  All optical modules have FC/PC connectors installed.
    80C07B Optical Sampling Module; 2.488 GB/s
    80C08C Optical Sampling Module; 9.953/10.31 GB/s
    80C10B Optical Sampling Module; 39.813/43.018 GBPS/80 GHz
    80C11 Optical Sampling Module; 28 GHz Optical Bandwidth
    80C12 Optical Sampling Module; multi-rate
    80C14 Optical Sampling Module; 8.5 to 14.063 GB/s
    80C25GBE Optical Sampling Module; 65 GHz full bandwidth
    Electrical Modules
    80E01 Sampling Module; 50 GHz
    80E03 Sampling Module; Dual, 20 GHz
    80E04 Sampling Module; Dual, 20 GHz with TDR Electrical Sampling Module
    80E06 Sampling Module; 70+ GHz
    80E07 Sampling Module; Dual, 30 GHz
    80E08 Remote Sampling Module; Dual Channel, 30 GHz Electrical w/TDR
    80E09 Sampling Module; Dual, 60 GHz
    80E10 Remote Sampling Module; Dual Channel, 50 GHz Electrical w/TDR
    Clock Recovery Modules
    80A05 Electrical Clock Recovery Module
    80A07 Electrical Clock Recovery Module
    Phase Reference / PatternSync / Protection / Probe Interface Modules
    80A02 DSA8300 EOS/ESD Protection Module (1 channel)
    80A03 TekConnect Probe Interface Module
    82A04 Phase Reference Module for low jitter acquisition; 2 GHz to 25 GHz
    80A06 PatternSync Module for 80SJNB jitter analysis package

    DSA8300 Includes: User's manual, quick reference card, MS Windows 7 compatible keyboard and mouse, touch screen stylus, online help, programmer online guide, power cord, and three-year warranty.

    • Very Low Time-base Jitter:
      • 425 fs Typical on up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Channels
      • <200 fs Typical on up to 6 Channels with 82A04 Phase Reference Module
    • Best Vertical Resolution – 16 bit A/D
      • Electrical Resolution: <20 µV LSB (for 1 V full range)
      • Optical Resolution from <20 nW for the 80C07B (1 mW full range) to <0.6 µW for the 80C10B (30 mW full range)
    • Up to 4 true differential channels
    • Accurate TDR with High bandwidth (50 GHz)
    • Fully Integrated Pattern Synchronization Triggering
    • Tightly integrated clock recovery functionality