Tektronix EDUKIT Educator's Resource Kit

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  • Brand: Tektronix
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  • Description

    The Laboratory materials cover the following topics:

    • Introduction to Oscilloscopes, Oscilloscope Probes
    • Advanced Oscilloscope Features
    • Introduction to Arbitrary/Function Generators
    • Digital Debug with Oscilloscopes
    • Parallel and Serial Bus Analysis

    All materials are based on the feature-rich MSO2000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. An AFG3000 Series instrument is also required for Introduction to Arbitrary/Function Generators lab.

    All instructional materials are provided in both .pdf format and an editable format (either Word document or PowerPoint file). The copyright grants permission to reprint, modify, and distribute in whole or in part for the purpose of training students on Tektronix test instrumentation.

    The EDUKIT Educator's Resource Kit includes:

    • MSO/DPO Series Oscilloscopes Basic Concepts booklet
    • CD with printable and editable versions of student lab experiments, instructor guides, and student reference fact sheets
    • Demo board and USB cable
    • Printed User Manual
    Six Laboratory Experiments Problem-based learning
    Hands-on using real-world signals
    Designed to match lab time; scale from 2-4 hours
    Six Instructor's Guides One to support each experiment
    Answers to the exercises
    Helpful hints to perform the experiments
    Six Reference Fact Sheets Designed for students
    Covers basic T&M theory
    Reference tools for use during the lab
    Basic Concepts Book Covers basic features and functions of the oscilloscope
    Attaches to the top of oscilloscope
    Demo board and USB cable Noisy sine wave
    Digital signal with common anomalies
    Parallel bus
    RS-232 serial bus

    With ever-evolving technologies and standards in electronics, preparing electrical engineering students for tomorrow is not easy. Tektronix has developed the Educator's Resource Kit to help you prepare your lab curriculum with the latest standards and techniques for test and measurement. The comprehensive set of six laboratories cover key topics from Introduction to Oscilloscopes to Advanced Oscilloscope Features and Debugging a Digital Design. The Kit includes labs with accompanying instructor's guides, reference fact sheets for students and a training board to provide real-world signals during the labs.