Tektronix MSO2002B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

20814.2 MFG #: MSO2002B
$2,370.00 / EA
  • Bandwidth: 70 MHz
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Condition: New
  • Digital Channels: 16
  • Drill Down Description: Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • Model: MSO2002B
  • Quote Required: No
  • Web Meta Description: The MSO2002B 70 MHz/2+16-ch. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope delivers advanced debug features at an entry-level price.
  • S3 Part Number: 20814.2

  • Description

    • 70 MHz Bandwidth
    • 2 Analog Channels
    • 16 Digital Channels
    • 1 GS/s Sample Rate on All Channels
    • 1 Megapoint Record Length on All Channels
    • 5,000 wfm/s Maximum Waveform Capture Rate
    • Suite of Advanced Triggers
    • 7 in. (180 mm) Widescreen TFT-LCD Color Display
    • Five-year warranty
    • View video introduction

    Feature-rich Tools for Debugging Mixed Signal Designs
    MSO/DPO2000B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series delivers advanced debug features at an entry-level price. With up to 20 channels for analyzing analog and digital signals, you can quickly find and diagnose problems in complex designs. To capture long windows of signal activity while maintaining fine timing resolution, the MSO/DPO2000B offers a deep record length of 1 Mpoints standard on all channels. Debug faster and easier than ever before with Wave Inspector's unique ability to zoom, pan, play, pause and set marks — helping you to efficiently navigate through long records. This makes it an ideal choice when working with today's most common serial buses, such as I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, and LIN.

    Comprehensive Features Speed Every Stage of Debug
    The MSO/DPO2000B Series offers a robust set of features to speed every stage of debugging your design — from quickly discovering an anomaly and capturing it, to searching your waveform record for the event and analyzing its characteristics and your device's behavior.

    Discover, Capture, Search, Analyze
    A waveform capture rate of 5,000 waveforms per second enables you to see glitches and other infrequent transients quickly, revealing the true nature of device faults. A digital phosphor display with intensity grading helps you discover the history of a signal's activity by intensifying areas of the signal that occur more frequently, providing a visual display of just how often anomalies occur. Discovering a device fault is only the first step. Next, you must capture the event of interest to identify root cause. The MSO/DPO2000B Series provides a complete set of triggers — including runt, logic, pulse width/glitch, setup/hold violation, serial packet, and parallel data — to help quickly find your event. The MSO/DPO2000B Series offers a comprehensive set of integrated analysis tools including waveform- and screen-based cursors, 29 automated measurements, and FFT analysis. Specialized application support for serial bus analysis is also available.

    P6316 MSO Probe
    This unique probe design offers two eight-channel pods, simplifying the process of connecting to the device-under-test. When connecting to square pins, the P6316 can connect directly to 2 square pin headers spaced on tenth-inch centers. When more attachment flexibility is required, you can use the included flying lead sets and grabbers to clip onto surface mount devices or test points. The P6316 offers outstanding electrical characteristics applying only 8 pF of capacitive loading with 101 kΩ input impedance.

    Ease-of-Use and Connectivity Features

    • Wave Inspector® Controls Provide Easy Navigation and Automated Search of Waveform Data
    • FilterVu™ Variable Low-pass Filter Allows Removal of Unwanted Signal Noise while still Capturing High-frequency Events
    • 29 Automated Measurements, and FFT Analysis for Simplified Waveform Analysis
    • TekVPI® Probe Interface Supports Active, Differential, and Current Probes for Automatic Scaling and Units
    • USB 2.0 Host Port and Device Port
    • Optional 10/100 Ethernet Port

    All Models Include: One 10X Passive Probe per Analog Channel (TPP0200 200 MHz probe for 100 and 200 MHz models, TPP0100 100 MHz probe for 70 MHz models), Installation and Safety Manual and Translated Front-panel Overlay, Documentation CD (063-4472-xx), OpenChoice® Desktop Software, Calibration certificates document measurement traceability to National Metrology Institute(s) and ISO9001 Quality System Registration, and Power Cord. MSO Models also Include: One P6316 16-channel logic probe and accessory kit, and accessory bag (016-2008-xx).