Tektronix MSO72004C Digital Signal Analyzer

22604.11 MFG #: MSO72004C
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: Used

  • Description

    • 20 GHz
    • 100 GS/s (2 CH), 50 GS/s (4 CH)
    • 4 Analog Channels
    • 16 Logic Channels with 80 ps Timing Resolution for Debug of digital and analog signals
    • Standard memory 62 MS
    • Unique iCapture® capability enables viewing analog characteristics of digital channels with single probe connection
    • 6.25 Gb/s Real-time Serial Trigger - Assures triggering on the first instance of a specified NRZ or 8b/10b pattern to allow isolation of pattern-dependent effects
    • Application Support for High-speed Serial Industry Standards, wideband RF, Power supplies, and memory - Enables standard specific certification, measurement automation, and ease of use

    Uncompromised four-channel acquisition With very low noise and up to 50 GS/s sample rate on all four channels the 70000 Series ensures that signal integrity checks and timing analysis can be done without worrying about noise and jitter in the scope distorting the measurements. Single-shot bandwidths up to 23 GHz on all four channels ensure that you'll capture your signals of interest without worrying about undersampling when using more than 1 or 2 channels. For applications requiring the lowest internal noise and jitter, 100 GS/s performance further reduces noise and jitter and provides additional measurement headroom.

    16-channel digital acquisition When you have many interfaces to verify, the MSO70000 Series with 4 analog and 16 logic channels enables efficient channel-to-channel timing checks. With timing resolution of 80 ps, the MSO70000 Series' digital acquisition system enables you to make precise timing measurements on as many as 20 channels simultaneously.