Tektronix P5150 High Voltage Probe

19302.1 MFG #: P5150
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    The P5150, which replaces the P5120, is a high voltage single-ended probe suitable for floating measurements when used with the TPS2000 Series. The P5150 has 50X attenuation, and it allows the user to measure a higher voltage range on the TPS2000 series oscilloscope compared to the P5120 probe that had 20x attenuation. The P5150 has increased bandwidth, better loading characteristics, and improved measurement repeatability.

    The P5150, coupled with the TPS2000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes, delivers both the isolation for the measurement from earth ground and full isolation between the channels. The P5150 is the recommended probe for measuring ripple on high-voltage DC supplies.

    Ships w/Hook Tips, 6" & 18" Common leads, Ground spring, Crocodile clip, Color bands, Adjustment tool.

    • Attenuation: 50X
    • Dynamic Range: 2500 V peak  |  1000 V CAT II
    • Bandwidth: 500 MHz
    • Rise Time: < 700 ps
    • Input Impedance (Probe Tip): 40 MΩ, 3.8 pF
    • Cable Length: 2 meters