Tektronix P6015A/25 25 MHz High Voltage Probe

10870.3 MFG #: P6015A/25
$0.00 / EA

  • Description

    • High Voltage - 20 kV DC/40 kV Peak (100 ms Pulse Width)
    • High Bandwidth - 75 MHz
    • Silicone Dielectric
    • Optional 1,000X Coding
    • Wide Compensation Range (7 to 49 pF)
    • Heavy Duty Versatile Ground Lead and Clip

    For heavy duty high-performance measurements of voltages over 2.5 kV, the P6015A is the industry standard. You can measure DC voltages up to 20 kV and pulses up to 40 kV. The 75 MHz bandwidth enables you to capture fast, high-voltage signals.

    The P6015A uses an environmentally safe silicone compound for a dielectric and never needs refilling. Other features include: a 7-49 pF compensation range, small compensation boxes which fit on adjacent amplifier inputs, and a readout option for use with Tektronix digital scopes. With the readout option, displayed voltage amplitude values will be the actual signal value rather than understated by a factor of 1,000. Using the readout version with other than Tektronix digital scopes may result in an erroneous readout display.

    Model Nominal
    Atten. BW Rise
    Loading Max
    Input V
    P6015A 10 ft. 1000X 75 MHz 4.0 ns 100 Meg 3 pF 20 kV 7 to 49 pF
    Includes: Hook Probe Tip (206-0463-00), Banana Plug Tip (134-0016-00), Crocodile Clip - plugs onto Ground Lead (344-0461-00), Ground Lead (196-3363-00), Carrying Case (016-1147-00), Instruction Manual (070-8223-02).