Tektronix P6245 Active Probe

12934.1 MFG #: P6245
$0.00 / EA
  • Manufacturer: Tektronix
  • Condition: New
  • Option Parent Model: TDS5034B, TDS5104B, TDS5054B

  • Description

    The P6245 and P6243 Active probes provide the electrical and mechanical performance required for today's digital systems designs. No additional power supplies or cables are required when used with TEKPROBE BNC oscilloscopes. Both the P6245 and P6243 achieve high-speed signal acquisition and low circuit loading, required for solving today's problems faced by designers. The small compact probe head and versatile attachment accessories allow direct connection to the device under test.

    The P6243 Active FET probe is the high performance probing solution for 500 MHz oscilloscopes. The P6243 has a probe only bandwidth of 1 GHz and will provide a 500 MHz system bandwidth when used with Tektronix' full line of 500 MHz oscilloscopes.

      P6243 P6245
    Cable Length
    1.3 M
    Bandwidth (probe only)
    1.0 GHz
    1.5 GHz
    Rise Time
    < 350 ps
    < 250 ps
    Input C
    < 1 pf
    Input R
    1 Megohm
    DC Offset Range
    10 V
    Linear Dynamic Range
    ± 8 V
    Max Voltage (Nondestruct)
    ± 15 V
    Propagation Delay
    5.3 ns ± 200 ps
    • P6243: 1 GHz Bandwidth (probe only)
    • P6245: >1.5 GHz Bandwidth (typ., probe only)
    • <1 pF Input Capacitance
    • 1 Megohm Input Resistance
    • Direct Access to SMDs as Small as 0.5 mm Pitch
    • Measures CMOS, BiCMOS, ECL, GaAs and TTL Logic
    • Low Mass Probe Head/Cable
    • No Additional Power Supplies or Cables Are Required with TEKPROBE BNC Interface
    • P6243 is the suggested replacement for Tektronix P6205