Tektronix P80318 TDR Probe

20390.2 MFG #: P80318
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: Rental
  • Family Models: P80318, P80318X

  • Description

    The P80318 is an 18 GHz 100 Ω input impedance differential TDR hand probe. This probe enables high-fidelity impedance measurements of differential transmission lines. The adjustable probe pitch enables a wide variety of differential line spacing and impedances. The P80318 probe also includes two precision SMA cables with parallel control lines that provide the 80A02 the control for EOS/ESD protection. The P80318 includes: 18 GHz bandwidth, 50 Ω odd mode input impedance (100 Ω differential impedance), differential passive handheld probe w

    The P6248, P6247 and P6246 enable users to make time domain or frequency domain measurements on high bandwidth signals commonly found in disk drive, digital IC design (RAMBUS) and communication applications (Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE-1394 Firewire and Fibre Channel). The P6248 includes accessories that allow RAMBUS via probing and IEEE-1394 interconnect access. The small probe head geometry and assorted probe tip accessories allow these probes to easily accommodate manual probing of surface mount devices while maintaining high CMRR.

    The P6246, P6247 and P6248 are ideal for design verification of disk drive read channel electronics and timing analysis for troubleshooting ground bounce problems associated with high speed logic. They can also be used for pulse shape or cross talk compliance testing of high speed communication signals.

    Included Accessories

    Product P6246/P6247 Quantity P6248 Quantity
    Y Lead Adapter 2 each 2 each
    3 in. Ground Lead none 4 each
    6 in. Ground Lead 2 each 2 each
    SMT KlipChip™
    3 each 4 each
    BNC to Probe Tip
    1 each 1 each
    2 each 4 each
    TwinTip™ Adapter 2 each 4 each
    Short Ground
    2 each 10 each
    Spring Loaded
    2 each 6 each
    Probe Tip
    Connector Saver
    none 2 each
    Longhorn Via
    none 5 each
    VariTip™ Adapter none 8 each
    Straight Tip none 8 each
    Color Coding Clips
    (2 each of 5 colors)
    1 each 1 each
    Certificate of
    1 each 1 each
    ith one set of two precision SMA cables, soft storage case, user's manual, and three replaceable ground shorting straps.

    The P80318X is designed for high-volume PCB impedance test applications. These applications require maximum manufacturing up-time. The P80318X includes everything in a P80318 plus a second probe body for use if the first probe body needs to be serviced due to normal wear.

    The P80318 probe can be used as a stand-alone high-resolution probe, but it is specially designed to be used with two 80A02 EOS/ESD Protection modules. To maximize testing up-time and minimize repair costs, protecting the sampling module from static damage is a requirement. Damage to the sampling module is typically due to electro-overstress (EOS) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) from large static charges stored in the DUT. Use of two 80A02 modules ensures proper probe grounding prior to switching signal to the sampling module.

    Features & Benefits

    • 18 GHz Bandwidth
    • Direct In-circuit TDR Testing
    • Reliable and Repeatable Resolution of Impedance Variations to 0.12 in.
    • Adjustable Probe Pitch from 0.5 mm to 4.2 mm
    • Probing of Fully Balanced Differential Signals without Ground Contact
    • Double-cushioning Design enables Probe Tips to Maintain Proper DUT Contact
    • Protects Sampling Module from Static Damage when used with Two 80A02 Modules
    • Circuit-board Controlled Impedance Testing (TDR)
    • Loss Tangent Measurements for Differential Transmission Lines
    • Failure Analysis of PCB with or without Components Mounted
    • Package Impedance Testing (TDR)