Tektronix PA3000/4CH/GPIB Multi-Phase AC/DC Power Analyzer

24587.1 MFG #: PA3000/4CH/GPIB
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: PA3000 4CH GPIB

  • Description

    The PA3000 is optimized for testing today's high-efficiency power conversion designs
    The Tektronix PA3000 is a 1 to 4 channel power analyzer optimized for testing today's single and multi-phase, high efficiency power conversion products and designs. Use it to quickly visualize, analyze, and document power efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest regional and international standards including Level VI, EnergyStar, CEC, IEC 62301, CQC-3146 and more.

    Visualize signals and analyze data
    The PA3000’s full color display provides intuitive readout of measured values, waveforms, harmonic bar charts, energy integration plots, and more. Setup is easy using the menu-driven interface and soft keys.

    Tektronix PA3000’s full color display
    Conduct efficiency measurements on two power supplies simultaneously Dedicated application modes 3-phase waveform analysis

    The PA3000 AC/DC Power Analyzer is ideal for testing AC/DC power supplies and LED drivers, appliances and consumer electronics, UPS systems, inverters, and DC/AC conversion systems, wireless battery charging and three phase motors and drives in the following tests:

    PA3000 with Breakout Box
    Easily and accurately measure harmonic performance, standby power, and more with the PA1000, optional breakout box, and free PWRVIEW software.
    • Efficiency Testing
    • Standby Power testing
    • Harmonic analysis
    • Inrush Current testing
    • Limits and Specification testing
    • Input Power analysis
    • Energy Consumption testing
    • Standby Power testing
    • System Efficiency testing
    • Output Voltage and Power Analysis

    PWRVIEW PC software
    PWRVIEW is a supporting software application for Windows PCs that compliments and extends the functionality of the PA3000. PWRVIEW enables you to communicate with the PA3000 over any of the instrument's comm ports, change instrument settings remotely, transfer, view, log, and save measurement data in real-time, and much more. Please refer to Data Sheet for more information.

    Included with PA3000: One Lead Set per input module, power cord, power output for external current transducers, USB host-to-device interface cable, certificate of calibration documenting traceability to National Metrology Institute(s) and ISO9001 Quality System Registration.

    • One to four channels supports single-and three phase applications
    • 10 mW standby power measurements
    • 1 MHz bandwidth
    • 1 MS/s sampling rate
    • 16 bit A/D
    • Harmonic analysis to 100th order
    • ±0.04% basic voltage and current accuracy
    • Measurements to 30 Arms and 600 Vrms Cat II (2000 Vpk)
    • Free PWRVIEW software for pre-packaged measurements
    • High accuracy supports Level VI efficiency standards for external AC/DC power supplies
    • Complete solution for full compliance testing to IEC 62301 standby power requirements
    • Dedicated energy consumption testing in integration mode for Energy star and CEC
    • More than 50 standard measurement functions, including harmonics, frequency, and star-delta computation
    • High 1 MHz bandwidth supports the LED module energy certification requirements of CQC-3146 as well as harmonic analysis of designs with higher fundamental frequencies
    • Full color graphical display for intuitive readouts of measured values, waveforms, harmonics, and energy integration plots
    • Multiple analog and digital inputs for sensor data such as thermocouples, speeds and torques sensors
    • Built-in ±15 V supplies for external transducers to support high current applications
    • LAN, USB 2.0, RS-232 standard. IEEE 488.2 compliant GPIB-equipped models available
    • Three-year warranty
    • Video: Inrush Current Measurement using the PA3000
    • Video: Energy Consumption Measurement using the PA3000
    • Video: Standby Power Measurement (IEC 62301) using the PA3000