Tektronix PSM5120 USB Power Sensor/Meter

19748.2 MFG #: PSM5120
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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Condition: Used
  • Discontinued: Yes

This is a discontinued product

  • Description

    Capable, Compact Power Sensors/Meters
    The PSM3000, PSM4000, and PSM5000 Series are compact power sensors/meters that deliver fast, accurate RF and microwave power measurements with exceptional temperature stability. Each meter comes with Windows® Power Meter application software for controlling the meter, displaying readings, and recording data. The combination of the sensor/meter and PC provides a complete solution, eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated meter mainframe.

    Tektronix PSM Series RF and Microwave Power Sensors/Meters

    Integrate High-speed Power Measurements Into Your Testing
    Tektronix PSM Series power sensors feature the industry's fastest measurement speed (2000 readings/s). This can significantly reduce test times and provide dynamic power measurement information that was previously unavailable. An included High-speed Logging Application provides a mechanism for getting this data into your PC for analysis.

    For custom test applications, you can communicate with the sensors using LabVIEW, or using a fully documented API. Example programs are provided for the most commonly used development environments. The communications library allows your program to communicate with up to 12 sensors, eliminating the need for costly switches.

    Select the Performance/Features to Meet Your Needs
    PSM3000 Series RF/Microwave USB Average Power Meters provide true average power measurements, giving accurate power measurements independent of signal modulation and bandwidth. The PSM4000 Series RF/Microwave USB Peak and Pulse Power Meters deliver average power (CW) measurements, and add pulse and peak power measurements for gathering basic data on pulsed RF and microwave signals. PSM5000 Series RF/Microwave USB Pulse Profiling Meters provide the same measurements as the PSM4000, and add pulse profiling capability for signal viewing and characterization in pulsed RF and microwave systems.
    A broad range of CW and pulse modulation measurements are available.

    Model Description Frequency Range Dynamic Range Connector Style
    PSM3110 USB Power Meter (Avg Power) 10MHz-8GHz -55 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM3120 USB Power Meter (Avg Power) 10MHz-8GHz -55 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM3310 USB Power Meter (Avg Power) 10MHz-18GHz -55 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM3320 USB Power Meter (Avg Power) 10MHz-18GHz -55 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM3510 USB Power Meter (Avg Power) 10MHz-26.5GHz -55 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM4110 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse) 10MHz-8GHz -60 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM4120 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse) 10MHz-8GHz -60 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM4320 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse) 50MHz-18GHz -40 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM4410 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse) 50MHz-20GHz -40 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM5110 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse + Profiling) 100MHz-8GHz -60 to +20dBm 3.5mm male
    PSM5120 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse + Profiling) 100MHz-8GHz -60 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM5320 USB Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse + Profiling) 50MHz-18GHz -40 to +20dBm N-Male
    PSM5410 Power Meter (Avg/Peak/Pulse + Profiling) 50MHz-20GHz -40 to +20dBm 3.5mm male

    Includes: Certificate of traceable calibration, calibration data report, 2-meter USB cable, Installation and Safety Manual, USB flash drive w/multi-language manuals, Technical Reference Manual, and Programmer Manual.

    • PSM3000 Series: True Average Measurements
    • PSM4000 Series: CW/Peak/Pulse
    • PSM5000 Series: CW/Peak/Pulse + Pulse Profiling
    • 13 Models from 10MHz to 26.5GHz
    • Models Available with N and 3.5 mm Connectors
    • No Zero or Cal required
    • High Dynamic Range (-60 dBm to +20 dBm)
    • Uncertainty as Low as 2.6%
    • PC USB Connectivity and Power - No meter mainframe required
    • Average Power, Duty Cycle Corrected Pulse Power, and Measurement Logging
    • TTL Trigger Input and Output
    • Reading Rates up to 2000 Readings/s
    • Internal Video Bandwidth 10 MHz (PSM4000, PSM5000)
    • Graphical software for Pulse Profiling (PSM5000)
    • Calibrated over Full temperature range
    • Three-year warranty