Tektronix TCA75 TekConnect-to-75 Ohm BNC

16710.1 MFG #: TCA75
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  • Manufacturer: Tektronix
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    TekConnect TCA Series Adapters Expand the Functionality of Tektronix High-performance Oscilloscopes

    This family of adapter systems provides less signal distortion and better performance than traditional connections used to move a signal from one environment to another, such as BNC to N or BNC to SMA.

    TCA75 Adapter (75 to 50 Ω)
    The TCA75 adapter allows Tektronix oscilloscopes with TekConnect interface to easily access and measure 75 Ω terminated circuitry. The TCA75's attenuation factor is automatically corrected to provide the end user with correctly displayed signal magnitudes.

    TCA-BNC Adapter (50 Ω only)
    A direct 50 Ω input with TEKPROBE BNC 50 Ω capability, this adapter may be used as a direct 50 Ω BNC input or with Tektronix high-speed active and differential probes requiring the TEKPROBE BNC 50 Ω interface.

    TCA-SMA and TCA-N Adapters (50 Ω only)
    The high-speed SMA and N type adapters allow a more direct connection to the signal under test requiring N or SMA connections without losing performance by adding other external conversion adapters.

    • TCA75 - TekConnect-to-75 Ω BNC
      • DC to 4 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
      • VSWR - 1.1:1 (26.45 dB)
      • 75 Ω Input
      • Auto Attenuation Factor Correction
    • TCA-BNC - TekConnect-to-TEKPROBE™ BNC 50 Ω
      • DC to 4 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
      • 50 Ω Input (Only)
      • Probe Control TEKPROBE BNC (50 Ω)
    • TCA-SMA - TekConnect-to-SMA
      • DC to 18 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
      • 50 Ω Input (Only)
    • TCA-N - TekConnect-to-N
      • DC to 11 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
      • 50 Ω Input (Only)